San Luis Obispo new Climate ActionPlan 2019 

includes a goal of CarbonNeutrality by 2035 and addresses all the following   Green Energy , Active & Clean Transportation , Green Buildings ,                               Zero Waste , Open Space & Sequestration

Resilient Coast Santa Cruz Initiative

New program by Santa Cruz Climate Action – includes materials in Spanish and English

Hoboken Climate Mobilization Plan signed.

Santa Cruz City Council 2 year Work Plan (2017-2019) (very little on Climate Change!)

New plan and Goals in Missoula

Update on Santa Cruz progress on existing Climate Action Plan

Overall not great!   Good  – Community Greenhouse Gas reduced due to Monterey Bay Community Power. 5/19/19

Letter requesting new policy directives from council to city management to swiftly address moving to zero carbon   5/16/19

Letter to City requesting formation of a Climate Commission 3/26/19

Letters to City County to suggest a swifter way for local governments to tackle CLIMATE CHANGE  3/25/19

Letter to the County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) suggesting a new look at how to improve the Hwy 1 commute3/25/19

The Santa Cruz County Climate Emergency Resolution passed unanimously. You can read it HERE.     1/29/19cosuccess Celebrating outside the building with Romero people.

Excellent Climate Plan from Lancaster, Calif  and more from other cities 2/1/19   

The City of Los Angeles  has set up a new department to oversee their Climate Mobilization. Santa Cruz needs something similar. Links to detailed documents.1/4/19

The City of Santa Cruz Climate Emergency Resolution passed unanimously. You can read it HERE.   11/27/18

KSBW news piece.  Also see Facebook        Sentinel article on Resolution


Thanks to all who signed the petition on Line or on paper. All given to the council.

Please view of brief summary of the new IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Oct 2018

On Sept 11th we sent an update to council including this letter  (Letter2) and a copy of this new overview from the Cal 4th Climate Assessment.

More details at our Climate News page

Here’s the city Climate Adaptation Plan written in 2017 and adopted 2018

ClEmPhotos  Submitted to council with original draft

What we really need is a detailed plan similar to this one from Montgomery County ClimateMobilizationReport (1)    but that will need to come a little later.

Summer 2018    Berkeley Ca led the way in Ca and has just been joined by Richmond,Ca.

Lots of excellent ideas in this Climate Mobilization paper especially the charts showing the difference between NORMAL and EMERGENCY modes of government.

World-wide the Australian city of Darebin has made great strides, starting 2 years ago. Here is a paper – Local First – by the leader Philip SuttonScreen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.36.00 PM

See our slide show at  Rise for Climate rally on Sep 8