Added 11/19/19 Huge Divestment by EIB European Investment Bank

Take your money out of BIG BANKS – especially CHASE and WELLS FARGO

Already the biggest financier of extreme fossil fuels on Wall Street, last year CHASE increased it’s fossil fuel investment by over $4 Billion. Wells Fargo, the #2 funder of fossil fuels is the #1 funder of FRACKING

Successful Divest the globe action at Wells Fargo Santa Cruz included leaflets to customers, a giant banner, a sidewalk “die-in” , letters presented to the bank

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manager and a great group tableau on the marquee.

Details on international bank investments – Report Card Summary  

Link to letter for Wells Fargo manager

Recent Webinar on Dirty Banks


Inspiring Previous events in Seattle

 wrap-up videos from the action where we shut down 13 banks simultaneously,

the action where we shut down 2nd Ave outside Chase’s PNW HQ,

the action where we put a 50-foot pipeline through their PNW HQ,

and an action where we dropped a large banner from a Seattle highway.

Bay Area action against Wells Fargo   3/18/19

1/28/19  Interesting short video from a group working with industries to make big changes in emissions and water usage.

Jan 2019  Website for Santa Cruz Public Banking Group. 

Oct 2018  New Journal on Green Investing etc.

Oct 2018  A Santa Cruz group is working on local Public Bank – see new website

Aug 2018  Interesting article about the increasing popularity of public banks 

Aug 2018    Local finance company specializing in environmentally sound projects

July 2018     Interesting Article on possible public bank in San Francisco

June 2018   Local Flier on Good/Bad Banks  Divest

May 2018 – Chase Bank Campaign

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Of all the Big Banks CHASE is the WORST

Already the biggest financier of extreme fossil fuels on Wall Street, last year CHASE increased it’s fossil fuel investment by over $4 Billion

Did you know all major banks have investments in oil and pipeline projects?   more at

Check below and MOVE your money out.    Move it to a responsible local bank. Divest or close accounts at       Bank of America ,Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, USBANK, Comerica, TD Securities

Open at a good local bank       Bay Federal , Lighthouse Bank, Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, Santa Cruz County Bank, Bank of the West

Below photos from our May 7 , 2018 event in Santa Cruz

2017 Oct 23  Masaska Campaign

Great group met at Wells Fargo and later covered Chase and Bank of America. We delivered letters to the managers and passed out lots of flyers to customers with info on moving their money to banks which don’t support the fossil fuel industry,

11/1 great news – The Equator Banks publicly confirmed that they will “start a process of updating the Equator Principles” with a special focus on the “important implications of the Paris Agreement” and “application of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in different jurisdictions”.   read more at

Support Public Banking

Recent studies show Public banks are Safer, less corrupt, more efficient and profitable for local governments and economies, less vulnerable to banking crises

Public Banking News Jan 2018

Both Michigan and New Jersey have submitted bills proposing a state bank.  Read about it!



 Read “Why I Support Public Banking” by  Steve Pleich

Articles posted Nov 9

The Public Bank Option – Safer, Local and Half the Cost

Ellen Brown’s opinion re the future of public banking and the election of Phil Murphy in New Jersey (Posted on November 4, 2017 by Ellen Brown)

CA Treasurer Chiang recommends feasibility study on a CA Public Bank to address cannabis banking  posted by PUBLIC BANKING INSTITUTE – Nov 07, 2017

Presentation and powerpoint on local movement 

Links with more details    

DIVEST your Savings

Oil stocks are already dropping and may fall drastically in a “Carbon Bubble”. Invest to encourage positive changes, social and/or environmental.

Divestment campaigns helped to bring down South African Apartheid and influenced the Big Tobacco settlement. Now is the time to act to save the climate. Together we can influence the future


  3.      – new group overseeing banks
  4. – advisors specializing in Sustainable options
  5.  Local finance company specializing in environmentally sound projects