3/6/18  “Episode 17: Social Transformation Through ‘The Commons’ (w/ David Bollier)”.

2/27/18    https://youtu.be/XakIRGhrOlY  28 min video about employee owned businesses. The two interviewees – Maria Cadenas and Ross Newport will present at the March 8 MAH event 7–9 p.m. 

New posting 2/26/18   http://www.instituteforecomunicipalities.org/eco-municipalities.html

Systemic Problems Require Systemic Solutions  by Pam Stearns

The following is a useful list of people and material offering ideas that if implemented, starting now, can lead to eventual genuine transformative change here and elsewhere.

  • Arizmendi Bakery
  • Denise Fairchild
  • Gus Speth:  Next System podcast #7
  • Gar Alperovitz:  many online video lectures and transcripts
  • Silvia Federici :  particularly her ideas on The Commons
  • Richard Wolff:  Weekly video program and assorted online lectures and transcripts
  • Cornel West:  particularly Cornel and Richard Wolff interviewed by Laura Flanders R. Wolff and C. West
  • Winona LaDuke:  assorted online
  • David Harvey:  Marx scholar.  In 2013 Ecuador asked him to help set up their Nat’l Strategic Ctr for the Right to Territory which he currently co-directs.
  • Mark Bray:  Antifascist/antiracist scholar
  • Robin Wall Kimmerer:  Moss biologist, professor of environmental and forest sciences, and Citizen Potawatomi.  Author _Braiding Sweetgrass_.
  • Black Lives Matter Policy Platform
  • Murray Bookchin, probably best know as an anarchist, but a few years prior to his death in 2006 called himself a communalist.  Look up Rojava, Syria where the Kurds are practicing Bookchin’s democratic  prescriptions in their every civic action.