Things you might be able to do to HELP DEAL WITH CLIMATE CHANGE

Take Action

  1. Talk to local government  – In Santa Cruz sign our petition to the city for an Emergency Climate Resolution and help us draft a county resolution
  2. Join a local organization

        SCCAN –

             CCL – Lynda Marin –

          SCI Clim Solutions – Margalete Ezekiel

                                 Support Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) -coming 2018

Support Fossil Fuel DIVESTMENT

Support a CARBON TAX – write/call members of            congress

                                    Fight Fracking, Tar Sands, DAPL and KEYSTONE

3. Use LESS GASOLINE      walk, bike, use the bus, carpool, telecommute

 Reduce Flying – do SKYPE meetings,  and invest in ELEC. vehicles

4. Use LESS ENERGY at HOME      adjust the thermostat,  use LED lights

Install SOLAR panels – FREE! (same cost as your current bill)

Install Efficient Electric appliances , Switch OFF things not used

5. Adjust your DIET   –  eat LOCAL, mostly organics, eat MORE fruit and veg

LESS MEAT (espec. Beef and pork)

6. Recycle   –  Buy LESS new stuff,  Look for RECYCLABLE packaging

REUSE when possible     COMPOST organics at home

7.  VOTE for those who will make CHANGES!

8. Learn & Talk – there’s HOPE   – checkout Drawdown

Learn about and share solutions developing worldwide

TALK and LISTEN and share feelings