The proposed UN Global Deal for Nature (GDN) is also known as 30×30.

This plan calls for nations of the world to preserve AT LEAST 30% of land and 30% of the ocean.

Amazon rainforest on fire 2020

This is essential for biodiversity and especially for climate stabilization.

Right now the deforestation in the Amazon is starting to reduce the formation of the usual rain clouds and the area will become grassland unless fast action is taken. This would release vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide and destabilize the climate of the entire planet.


You can learn much more by visiting this site

Of course this Global Deal for Nature needs to work in conjunction with global works to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions for zero as soon as possible.

You can listen to a 30 min interview with Paul Schaafsma on 30×30

The most important immediate steps climate activists can take:

  • 1) Learn  more by visiting, which provides a wealth of information, up to date and easy to navigate
  • 2) Bring up 30×30 every time you talk about the climate crisis in your social network
  • 3) If you’re part of a climate advocacy group, help put 30×30 at the top of its agenda.
  • 4) US leadership is essential to making 30×30 happen: make sure you are part of that.

You can have nothing at all to do with the climate crisis and be a passionate supporter of 30×30 for preserving as much of the abundance and variety of life on Earth as possible.

Additional areas of extreme concern include:

Preserving the oceans is also an important part of 30×30 –  especially stopping bottom trawling which releases huge amounts of CO2.

The Congo Basin is also a cause for concern as the rainforest contains vast areas of peat which will release copious amounts of CO2 if they dry out.

For more information on Climate Change in Africa go to this page

Information on this page was largely supplied by Paul Schaafsma – thanks Paul