Real  Democracy Teach-In

Wednesday, September 25th 5-9pm               Louden Nelson Auditorium 

Convened by  Citizen Gaia  &  Within Reach

4:45 Open             Registration. (Pick-up sandwiches)

5:00 10m          Welcome Jennifer Beagle     Honoring the Land and Its Peoples [Stan Rushworth]

5:10 20m          Nancy Glock-Grueneich

5:30 20m          Danny Sheehan

5:50 10m          1st Table of 3-4 (World Café)   Discuss Danny’s Talk (Agree) on Q&C

Query  What would a community-led public engagement process of climate education and action look like for you? What should it address? In what formats? With what powers and protections?  What would you like your own part to be?

6:00 15m          Questions & Comments (Q&C) to Danny

6:15  5m           Music and dance break      Bob Marley ‘Stand Up for Your Rights

6:20  20m          Ernestina Saldana

6:40 10m          2nd Table of 3-4         Discuss Ernestina’s Talk & Query (Agree) on Q&C  

6:50 10m          Q&C to Ernestina

7:00 10m          10 minute  break      2nd chance at sandwiches!

7:10 20m          Ben Eichert

7:30 10m          3rd Table of 3-4         Discuss Ben’s Talk & Query (Agree) on Q&C  

7:40                 Q&C to Ben

7:50 5m            Music dance/stretch break

7:55 20m          Pauline Seales

8:15 20m          4th Table of 3-4         Discuss Pauline’s Talk & In-Depth Query  

8:35 15m          Report Out                 Q&C to Panel             Pauline, Ben, Ernestina & Nancy

8:50 10m          Paul Schaafsma

9:00 10m          Clean-up

Sign-Up for Follow-Up

Citizen Gaia                 Oct 9, Tu, 2-5 pm  Continuing in depth conversations on Real Democracy  

SCCAN    Oct. 24th, 6:30-9 pm  Live Oak Grange  Planning for a Community Climate Engagement Process

Within Reach     Available Nov. 1st    Website & Workshop Schedule