12/4/22 Ccof Video about transitioning to organic

link to movie

11/14/22 EcoFarm Feb 2023

– excellent symposium for organic/regenerative farming. Details

9/9/22 Environmental Impacts of Food

Excellent source of data. Interactive features make it great for classroom use. The most comprehensive source of data on food impacts I have seem so far. Check it out!8/26/22 Regenerate America

Excellent new 3 min video from Kiss the Ground

May 12, 2022, Here are a few highlights from the

Zoom conversation between CCOF Chief Program Officer Jessy Beckett Parr and Jared Siverling. 

March 5, 2022 Excellent article on Agroecolgy in Africa

Feb 1, 2022 Excellent new video – 14 mins – about the pollution by the US AG Industry and it’s heavy influence in Washington.

Carbon Farming is gaining increasing attention and seems to be the one proven method for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is also know as “Regenerative Agriculture” or “Climate Smart Farming”.

Here is a recent 117 page pdf addressing nature based Climate Change solutions.

California is doubling down on our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and build resilience to the impacts of climate change. In October 2020, Governor Newsom called for accelerated use of nature-based solutions to deliver on California’s climate change goals through Executive Order (EO) N-82-20. 

The EO outlined a comprehensive and results-oriented nature-based solutions agenda for California, including the development of a Natural and Working Lands Climate Smart Strategy to align relevant existing state efforts under one cohesive strategy and identify land management actions that help protect climate vulnerable communities, achieve carbon neutrality, improve public health and safety, and expand economic opportunity. 

“Nature-based solutions” describe actions that work with and enhance nature to help address societal challenges. This term is an umbrella concept being used across the world to describe a range of ecosystem-related approaches that protect and restore nature to deliver multiple outcomes, including addressing climate change, protecting public health, increasing equity, and protecting biodiversity.


If you’d like to support this Regenerative Agriculture but are not a farmer here is one thing you could do beyond buying organic:

INVEST IN ORGANIC FARMING Organic Farmland Real Estate Investment Trust – works with mission-driven investors to provide organic and regenerative farmers land security through long-term leases and mortgages. Our REIT is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation & B Corp. Great details with videos at the links.

BAR-C Project: One aspect of “Climate Smart Farming” is raising cattle using “managed grazing” which is good for the land AND puts CO2 back in the soil. We have several local ranchers working this way but they do not have a good local place to humanely process the animals into healthy beef for people. So they have formed a coop to purchase a a mobile meat processing facility and are having fund raising events to help pay the cost. More details at the links below.

Eventbrite link for BAR-C event – Jan 28th, 7pm, Go Fund Me for BAR-C link

Root Down Farm Fundraiser for BAR-C BAR-C facebook event


Here’s a download link for a new December 2020 Drawdown publication Farming Our Way out of the Climate Crisis

The links below include recent items and some classic earlier work including the MARIN CARBON PROJECT: a recording from the Bioneers Conference

Related pages Drawdown and Food Waste and Compost and Eat Less Meat

Plasticulture – youtube of an excellent local webinar about plastic use in agriculture

Excellent new Movie “Kiss the Ground” free on Netflix, Sep 2020

New website with 1000’s of links to Carbon Removal Laws including Carbon Sequestration.

Regenerative Agriculture by Ellen Farmer

Other articles by Ellen

Healthy Hedgrows – winter 2019

Hunger on Campus – spring 2019

Revolutionary Farmer – summer 2018

Recent news – newest at the top

Good 5 min video from Kiss the Ground. Uses the term “Biodynamic Agriculture” Posted 5/2/20

From the Jan 2020 Ecofarm Conference at Asilomar – includes several complete presentations

Ted Talk about the importance of Healthy Soil Nov 2019

Governor signs AB 2377 bill to support transition to “Climate Smart Ag”   9/28/18

9/16/18 Soil Carbon Education

NOAA webinar – Life Lab “Kiss the Soil” Curriculum,  great for middle school – download curriculum. Contact us if you’d like help presenting this material and see our teacher site

New 3 min video “Why Farming is Broken”    6/3/18

The California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN) is a statewide coalition that advances state and federal policy to realize the powerful climate solutions offered by sustainable and organic agriculture.  5/30/18

Great documentary by Lois Robin of Santa Cruz    “The Dirt on Climate Change”  5/19/18

Carbon Farming Links       From Kiss the Ground:  4mins  – Great Intro

Link to slide show from 2/22 meeting – connects drawdown, Marin Carbon Project and other Carbon Farming    CarbFarm
Other Carbon Farming Resources

People at the center of Carbon farming   8 min video set in So.  California

www.climatechangehitshome.com       Joe Morris Cattle Rancher 30:00 – 31:47       Holistic grazing – roots, carbon and water

Great short video from TomKat ranch, Pescadero – includes “Slake Test”   https://tomkatranch.org/regenerative-talks-photosynthesis-and-organic-matter/

Interesting demo showing how “good soil” retains water much better than “overworked soil”   Slake test similar to Tomkat 0-2:30   Infiltration test at 3 -6 mins

Long but useful article on what to eat and why Regenetarians Unite!

To Till or Not to Till – 36 min video about veg farming

Bioneers 2017

Excellent details from the Marin carbon Project and on local programs in Pajaro Valley. Link to slide show from 2/22 meeting – connects drawdown, Marin Carbon Project and other Carbon Farming    CarbFarm

Carbon Farming  Interesting webinar Dec 6, 2017 – Note – fast forward first 22 minutes – late start
Part 1  Dr Creque on system restoration – Marin carbon Project – excellent science
Part 2  Sacha Lorenzo , PV RCD on fallow planting innovations in Pajaro valley
Part 3  State wide financial support

Climate Change – Effects on Crops, Water Supplies...
Dr. David Battisti – Climate Change and Global Food Security (1:05:57)
Yale Course: Energy and Matter Movement through Eco Systems (49min)