Governor signs AB 2377 bill to support transition to “Climate Smart Ag”   9/28/18

Info on concrete replacement products which REMOVE CO2 from the    atmosphere.  9/16/18

Excellent Webinars from Arizona State University – the whole series is pretty good – occasionally too much detail!   9/16/18

Reframing Carbon Capture & Reuse &  Bipartisan Conversation on Carbon Pricing

9/16/18 Soil Carbon Education

NOAA webinar – Life Lab “Kiss the Soil” Curriculum,  great for middle school – download curriculum. Contact us if you’d like help presenting this material and see our teacher site

Support California’s “Climate Smart” farming bill SB 2377 –  details    8/23/18

Short video on a new type of Zero Waste shop  8/18/18

New 3 min video “Why Farming is Broken”    6/3/18

The California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN) is a statewide coalition that advances state and federal policy to realize the powerful climate solutions offered by sustainable and organic agriculture.  5/30/18

Great new documentary by Lois Robin of Santa Cruz    “The Dirt on Climate Change”  5/19/18

Excellent very detailed article about The Marin Carbon Project and regenerative agriculture – well worth the read!  4/18/18

Food waste – California laws requiring appropriate treatment of food waste – 3/29/18

In October 2014 Governor Brown signed AB 1826 Chesbro (Chapter 727, Statutes of 2014), requiring businesses to recycle their organic waste on and after April 1, 2016, depending on the amount of waste they generate per week.

AB 1219 Oct 2017 expands liability protections.

Carbon Farming is gaining increasing attention and seems to be the one proven method for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. See also our Drawdown Page

Santa Cruz Community Compost Co.   Local group picks up compostables on bikes- slide show below – modest costs!

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Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.06.29 PM

Home Composting $40 Rebate Program
The City of Santa Cruz will give you a $40 rebate when you purchase a City approved compost bin or worm bin.

Apartment sized double Compost Bins   The super-sized Mantis Compost Twin composter has two chambers, so you can let one side “cook” while you continue to add scraps and yard waste to the other side. It holds  three 30-gallon trash bags) in each chamber!

Grey Bears Composting      Grey Bears has two installations to recycle leftover food scraps from our daily lunch and Brown Bag Programs. Our six Earth Tubs churn out 30 tons of high-quality compost each year.  Pick up a 20+ pound bag for just $10 at our Thrift Store.   More details on Grey Bears Program

They also sell worm castings from our vermiculture installation. worm composting. If you’re interested in setting up your own home recycling with red worms, our Vermiculture expert, Marla King is here every Friday from 10-11am. Make an appointment by emailing Marla,

Food Waste Reduction     Article about how Denmark has been working to reduce food waste, which is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions world wide.  France also has laws reducing food waste. We all need to start working on this!!

Carbon Farming Links       From Kiss the Ground:  4mins  – Great Intro

Link to slide show from 2/22 meeting – connects drawdown, Marin Carbon Project and other Carbon Farming    CarbFarm
Other Carbon Farming Resources

People at the center of Carbon farming   8 min video set in So.  California       Joe Morris Cattle Rancher 30:00 – 31:47       Holistic grazing – roots, carbon and water

Great short video from TomKat ranch, Pescadero – includes “Slake Test”

Interesting demo showing how “good soil” retains water much better than “overworked soil”   Slake test similar to Tomkat 0-2:30   Infiltration test at 3 -6 mins

Long but useful article on what to eat and why Regenetarians Unite!

To Till or Not to Till – 36 min video about veg farming

Bioneers 2017

Carbon Farming  Interesting webinar Dec 6, 2017 – Note – fast forward first 22 minutes – late start
Part 1  Dr Creque on system restoration – Marin carbon Project – excellent science
Part 2  Sacha Lorenzo , PV RCD on fallow planting innovations in Pajaro valley
Part 3  State wide financial support

Climate Change – Effects on Crops, Water Supplies...
Dr. David Battisti – Climate Change and Global Food Security (1:05:57)
Yale Course: Energy and Matter Movement through Eco Systems (49min)