This is a group just starting a local chapter. Great idea for youth and neighborhood groups.

Be an EarthGuardian, Be a Community Leader

Before the Rains come, lets help protect our ecosystems and prevent litter from ending up in our Waterways/Ocean.                                      Be a Leader and host a clean up in our community. If you see it, you can clean it. There is ‘No Away’. We want to repurpose some of what we find in our CleanUps, so we are going to have an Art Contest.                If you make an Art Piece from litter you can showcase it at the 12/6/19 Climate Strike Rally.

 We can help provide resources for your clean-up. Let us know when & where you are organizing a clean-up by contacting.             

IG@inner.action / / (831)207-5538


                    11/29 Support Youth Global Climate Strike 12/6