Dear City Council, Nov 12, 2019

In view of the escalating climate crisis, the city must accelerate our efforts to address this emergency. We are aware of the Santa Cruz City Climate Action Plan, the Climate Emergency Resolution and the Green New Deal support resolution. We acknowledge the continuing hard work of city Sustainability Manager, Tiffany Wise-West. However, due to the urgency of the climate crisis, we must act decisively.

The recent September Global Climate Strike actions and demonstrations were well supported by much of the community, including over a thousand young people.  

Meanwhile, a number of cities are stepping up with their own Green New Deal plans to address both the climate crisis and many social justice issues. Santa Cruz needs to continue its leadership by taking further steps.

The Santa Cruz Climate Action Network has been looking at the resolutions of other cities such as Portland, Chico, Los Angeles, New York, San Luis Obispo and others. (See links to these plans below.) 

We request that the following be placed on the agenda for your Nov 26th meeting for inclusion on the ballot for March 2020

We hereby establish a Climate Action Commission to oversee the design of a Santa Cruz Green New Deal and lay the groundwork for tackling the climate crisis. 

This group of leaders will support:

  • the development of a Climate Action Plan that exceeds current state greenhouse gas emission targets, 
  • the engagement and education of the public on the local issues related to the climate emergency
  • the collaboration with other City Departments, business leaders, and community organizations toward a greener future and economy. 
  • the inclusion of a broad spectrum of the community and at least one youth representative.
  • the convening of public assemblies to involve the entire community in this Green New Deal effort.

Sincerely,   SC CAN Planning Group

Links to other city plans:

Portland,OR, Chico, CA, LA, CA, New York, San Luis Obispo