Details on the Real Democracy Teach-In on Wednesday, September 25 at the Louden Nelson Auditorium. 5-9pm
We have three keynote speakers:  Danny Sheehan, Ernestina Saldana and Nancy Glock-Grueniech.  There will be delicious vegan and vegetarian dinners on the house, inspiring presentations, a chance for discussion, and community-building around a specific strategic action.
With a view to “do it yourself democracy,” we’ll be reflecting on the mobilization required to resist, restore, survive and even thrive. 
What will it take to protect the refugees among us? 
What can we do to promote the CA Green New Deal? 
What tools and techniques can we use to most wisely leverage our power as a community of informed citizens? 
With an international view, what is happening democracy-wise that can inspire and guide us in uncertain times? 
Please save the date for this inaugural event.  We disrupt, yes!  But non-violent resistance must ultimately turn to organization!
In case anyone has a few extra minutes, here is an article that indicates a reference point for some of the thinking behind the Real Democracy Teach-In.
How Denmark saved 99% of their Jews during the Holocaust. (the article is good, though no endorsement of FEE website implied)

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