Did you know the US has exported fracking as an answer for global warming? Sounds crazy, methane as the answer to climate change, but that is the path the planet is on.

BLOWOUT: Who’s Next? is an in-depth look at the environmental and social injustice of the fracking boom.A rich white neighborhood gets relocated. A poor black neighborhood steeps in toxins with no hope of relocation. Hear what to expect as 1 million new gas and oil wells move into America’s backyards along with all the infrastructure needed to get that gas to market. See the behemoth vessels being built now to serve the forecast 45% rise in global fracked gas use. Hear what we can do to stop this methane madness.

Santa Cruz local Hope Forpeace produced this great film for us having traveled the nation for 5 years researching cases of fracking related pollution and the immeasurable negative impacts they’ve had on so many communities.

See more about the fracked gas future here: STOP the Fracked Gas Future!