We modified a Climate Emergency resolution from the SF Bay Area for our local politicians. Here is the draft which was sent to council members July 26th     DraftMobilization Resolution. and here is a photo version. – ClEmPhotos

Please sign the petition to support the resolution

Please contact paulineseales120@gmail.com to add your group to the list of supporting organizations or to help contact city council people.  What we really need is a detailed plan similar to this one from Montgomery County ClimateMobilizationReport (1)    but that will need to come a little later.

Summer 2018    Berkeley Ca led the way in Ca and has just been joined by Richmond,Ca.

World-wide the Australian city of Darebin has made great strides, starting 2 years ago. Here is a paper – Local First – by the leader Philip SuttonScreen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.36.00 PM

Meanwhile we are planning to be in San Francisco for a Rise for Climate rally on Sep 8