Website with full details on proposed expanded environmental budget for CA. Other pages also have great info.

2022 Legislation

link to a spreadsheet including a number of bills we support.

Local Actions and Chances for public input

1. County

The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors – 1/11/22 SCHEDULED – 10:45 AM 

Item 13. Conduct study session to discuss the plan for developing the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan and direct the Office of Response, Recovery and Resilience to return on or before August 2022 with a progress report, as outlined in the memorandum of the County Administrative Officer .

a. Current State of Santa Cruz County Climate – Attachment A 

b. CAAP Workplan 2022 – Attachment B 

details in full agenda package pages 122-126 – see attachments A, B

We suggest contacting the board and outlining your support for aggressive aspirational goals to address this unprecedented crisis. Include the phrase “Zero carbon by 2030” if it makes sense to you. Also ask the board the endorse Climate Safe CA, as supervisors Friend and Koenig have already done. Email BoardOfSupervisors@santacruzcounty.us or attend at 701 Ocean St, 5th floor, or by zoom – Zoom https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85163210200 Telephone +1 669 900 6833 Webinar ID: 851 6321 0200

2. City

On Jan 18th the city council held a study session on Climate Action 4-6pm.

The city plan seems a little further along than the county’s, and many actions are being considered, along with the possible equity impacts. Again contacting them to express the urgent need for aggressive goals will be helpful. Email citycouncil@cityofsantacruz.com and/or attend via zoom.

117th Congress 1st session       S. CON. RES. 14

SC CAN analysis of some problem sections of the reconciliation bill document. This was emailed to Jimmy Panetta’s office and discussed with his aide Riya Mehta on 9/14/21

Romero Green New Deal

Update 4/28/22 We are strong supporters of the Let’s Green Cal bill SB 1230 – The Zero-Emission and Near-Zero Emission Vehicle Incentive Program Act of 2022. Romero Institute. We spoke briefly as a “Me Too” at the transportation committee hearing April 26. The bill author is Senator Limon. Here is the fact sheet.

Our Santa Cruz friends at the Romero Institute are working hard for a California Green New Deal through a program called Let’s Green California. We held a joint meeting by zoom Aug 17. Recording below. They discussed many details of their plan for bold Climate Change legislation for California. Excellent outline in this summary document.

The best ways to help this effort are:
  • Go to the website click to ask Gov. Newsom to declare a Climate Emergency – this will help expedite legislation
  • At the website sign up as a supporter
  • If you belong to a group get them to do a group sign up
  • If possible send financial support

Se also radio Interview on KSQD with Ben Eichert July 8 , Link to website, and Donation page

Climate Safe Ca

This group has very similar goals to the Romero group above and the two are working together. Climate Safe Ca is seeking support from individuals, groups, cities, counties and officials. We have been collecting local support with our sign-ups at the Farmer’s market and other locations. You can review 38 pages of local citizen support here

PLEASE go to the website and sign up. Also encourage groups and officials to join. At this page you can see a long list of endorsers including Mark Stone, Zach Friend and Robert Rivas

Excellent Update – Climate Safe Ca Presentation July 6

Climate Safe Ca – Legislation Page

Great CA legislation website https://theclimatecenter.org/our-work/legislation/

SC CAN meeting with John Laird May 26th, 2021

Brief but informative meeting with 27 attendees from 16 local environmental organizations.

agenda link, chat comments, Link to video recording below

SC CAN/350SV Panetta Meeting 4/6/21

Zoom recording – zoom blocked the video after the first 12 people logged on – including congressman Panetta – suggest playing it but just listening

Here’s the agenda we worked from. JVP CA20 is the congressman.


This newly revised plan seems good and close to the GND – check it out

The Climate Policy Group

This group is working on a set of ten bills with specific about various steps needed for a GND. Here’s video link to a short explanation of each bill

Local GND Plans Compared

The Romero Institute and Bay Area 350 group plans comparison by Susan Cavalieri

Great article on Sustainable cities

Includes fun graphics towards the end

Global Green New Deal

New program just launched – check out the website

Kamala Harris Climate Plan 2019

Published when Kamala was running for president – complete details

California Sen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday released her plan for addressing climate change, calling for $10 trillion in public and private funding to create a carbon-neutral economy and invoking her past as a prosecutor to target companies that are driving greenhouse gas emissions.

“As president, I will hold polluters accountable for the damage they inflict upon our environment and set us on a path to a 100 percent clean economy that creates millions of good-paying jobs,” Harris said in a statement. “This crisis demands urgency and boldness, and as president, I will act.”

Romero CA GND

Complete CA GND – Update June 2020

  • 4 pages of Executive Summary – great highlights
  • Wonderful 49 page document – read or download link below
  1. Danny Sheehan Speech Videos

2. Radio interviews including Romero CA Green New Deal:

Aug 8    Sara Nelson with Pauline    – intro          

Nov 28  Jon Conway with Christine – introduction & rationale for a CA GND

       Goal Zero Carbon by 2030 

       Discussion including Public banking and certified CA Green Bonds

       Banning Fossil fuel vehicles and investing in public transport

       green liquid fuels for visitors – no gasoline for residents

       Regenerative farming, micro grid management

Jan 9   Jon Conway with Christine   

Current Bill , many issues and section1- Emission reductions, Carbon sequestration

Mar 12  Jon Conway with Christine 

             – CA GND sections 2,3 

             Governance – Covid 19 and how to make positive changes

Next in the Series  Jon Conway with Christine – CA GND sections 4,5

Other Green New Deal Information

Bernies Green New Deal Outline       8/25/19

Green New Deal Road Tour with STARS. Bernie at about 1 hour, AOC last 20 mins. Worth watching all of it. 5/13/19

Excellent new Video narrated and Written by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

Great 15 min interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

Oakland Kids video (2min) on the Green New Deal

Santa Cruz Youth Climate Event March 15 – also see page Youth for Climate Justice

Excellent event with great speakers organization and turnout! – Another event planned for MAY – watch this space!

This event is in response to the United Nations October 2018 climate warning which asserts that we must make dramatic societal changes within the next 12 years to prevent ever worsening climate catastrophes from becoming unstoppable.
 Inspired by Greta Thunberg and the Zero  Movement, tens of thousands of children around the world have been striking in defense of their future every Friday afternoon. Over 100,000 children took to the streets last week, in England alone.

Link to Sunrise Youth Fellowship for Summer 2019  3/22/19

A well written piece with Great ideas on the GND  4/4/19

Five Big Ideas for a Green New Deal   Good article with details. 3/14/19

Extinction Rebellion good 35 minute video. 3/14/19

Farmers & Ranchers for the Green New Deal:   3/7/19

Food & Farming piece of the GND – click to join forum.

For young activists  Inspiring website 3/5/19

Quote – Greta Thurnberg, the 15-year-old pigtailed Swedish prophet, embodies the tell-the-truth candor of this new movement. She told the richest people in the world at Davos in January 2019:

I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.

On line petition to Diane Feinstein to ask for GND support  2/16/19

Please thank Kamala for her support

Contact Senator Feinstein

Please also draft LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – SC Sentinel or other papers. (150 word limit)

This was our group in Panetta’s office delivering 263 signatures for the Green New Deal on Monday 2/11/19 – a few hours before Panetta announced his support.


Photo shows Aide Manny Garcia, Susan Cavalieri, Leflora Cunningham reading the letter and Pauline Seales. Not shown Doug Hull with the camera and Nancy G_G who had visited a little earlier.

Excellent short video (2 mins) on GND – Watch and share. 2/7/19

Link to 30 min video with Dana Bagshaw, Grant Black and Leflora Cunningham-Walsh. It’s Inspiring!  Also on Community TV Comcast channel 27 (Charter Channel 73 in South County) for the month of February
Every Tuesday at 10:30 Am, Every Thursday at 6 :00 PM.  1/31/19

1/31/19  Article linking the Green New Deal and the New Food Deal.   greennewdealandregenerativeag

See also and excellent report on eating  and more Ag Info.

1/28/19  Link to full version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Note – highlights below – or we suggest you start reading at page 3.

1/20/19  We are collecting support for a CALIFORNIA Green New Deal – gndpet 2    Planning to send to Stone Monning and Newsom after Feb 5 Sunrise screening

1/11/19  Tell your Representative: Take action NOW to address the urgent threat of climate change!  Sign on line petition. This is for national action.

The Green New Deal is a plan by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others to really do something about the climate crisis and social inequity. Details below.

Dec 14th Yale survey shows HUGE voter support for the Green New Deal


Here’s our  group at Panetta’s office Nov 20th

Sunrise movement link

Green New Deal Toolkit

Sign up for Action