Is it Changing ? YES for more details see Climate News

Scene from Paradise Ca, fall 2018
Greenhouse Gases act like blankets for the Earth

WHAT’S CAUSING IT? – extra heat caused by a number of heat trapping gases generated by humans, mainly from using OIL, NATURAL GAS AND COAL (Fossil Fuels)

Short National Geographic video on Fossil Fuels

These Green House Gases  (GHGs) are mostly Carbon Dioxide and Methane.

In Santa Cruz county DRIVING is the no. 1 problem. For detailed info on this problem see Campaign for Sustainable Transportation

Also see the new Santa Cruz city program for cleaner transportation – includes free bus passes , jump bike passes etc. for downtown employees

If you still feel the sun or volcanoes are the main problem check this link. It will only take less than 2 minutes to review the options


Start by checking your current carbon footprint.

Use clean energy from Central Coast Community Energy – solar,  wind. In the 5 area counties Electricity is provided by Central Coast Community Energy and is GREEN.

DRIVE LESS – walk, bike, bus, carpool or ecars ebikes

Cows emit loads of METHANE from both ends

EAT LESS MEAT – cows and other farm animals make METHANE a super heat trapping gas

WASTE LESS FOOD – rotting food also makes methane – we waste a THIRD of food grown

BUY LESS unneeded stuff

For more on 80 Global Solutions see the Drawdown program

More details on “What to Do” at home and business

Take your money out of the OIL FUNDING bib banks (especially Chase and Wells Fargo) see details



No new gas hook-ups for buildings – we also need funding for retrofits

Push for a GREEN NEW DEAL to address the CLIMATE CRISIS and be FAIR to EVERYONE

City/County GOALs – Zero Carbon by 2030

We owe it to the children!

Here are links to a detailed powerpoint presentation and handouts for beginners