Official Slide deck of Highlights of the 2021 ipcc report

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Overview and Impacts for Educational Leaders

Excellent report with specific recommendations for schools

Three Democracy Now video updates on new > 3K page IPCC 6th Assessment: a dire warning

Highlights from the Summary for Policy Makers

Read here

Various Reports

The report has broad coverage. Here’s a broad selection of articles

Here is one brief article that casts blame at politicians for repeated failures to act.

There’s a new focus on methane cuts (esp. from Russia and Brazil, two notoriously sloppy nations) as a fast way to reduce emissions from feedlots and fossil fuel extraction:

The IPCC report itself has multiple sections that are accessed through a dashboard

A new feature is an Interactive Atlas that will take some short learning about how to use. There’s a tour of it that starts up right away.

Overall the IPCC report mixes lucid summaries of bad news with general guidance on what to do. It leaves the details to us.