Complete list of recommendations from SC4Bernie

California State Propositions: (on everyone’s ballot)

• YES on Prop 1 – To enshrine reproductive rights in the state constitution.

• YES on Prop 26 – Sports betting in person on Tribal lands.

• NO on Prop 27 – Sports betting online controlled by corporate gambling interests.

• YES on Prop 30 – Wealth tax for zero emission vehicles & wildfire protection.

Local Ballot Measures: (voted on by jurisdiction)

• YES on K & L – Santa Cruz City High School & Elementary School District Bond Measures, for facility upgrades and affordable teacher & staff rental housing.

• YES on N – City of Santa Cruz Empty Home Tax, revenue dedicated to truly affordable housing (previously endorsed).

• YES on O – City of Santa Cruz Our Future Our Downtown, to nix an unneeded six-story parking garage, remodel the library in place, and preserve a downtown commons (previously endorsed).

• YES on P – City of Santa Cruz Transient Occupancy Tax, a non-regressive source for needed revenue.

• YES on Q – City of Watsonville Planned Growth and Farmland Protection, a grassroots initiative to limit sprawl.

• YES on R – City of Watsonville Community Investment Tax, a half-cent sales tax for necessary maintenance (parks, roads, library) and services (afterschool and senior meal programs).

• NO on S – Planning for City of Watsonville’s Future, would undermine Measure Q’s urban boundary growth limits.

Thanks for your efforts toward the People’s Revolution!

-Jeffrey Smedberg

for the Santa Cruz for Bernie Team