Excellent new workshops from “Uniting the Central Coast for Action” . Lots of great info on progress on Distributed Energy Resources – aka DERs – aka – Microgrids

  • The recording for the Oct 19, 2021 DER workshop can be found here.
  • Other links include:Eric Veium, SLO Climate Coalition introductory slideshow
  • Jon Erskine and Steve Snodgrass, Graniterock slideshow
  • Marisa Hanson-Lopez, 3C-REN slideshow
  • Ted Flanigan, EcoMotion slideshow
  • Jim Baak, MCE slideshow
  • August 19 workshop recording: What are CCEs doing for Distributed Energy Resources now?

8/2020 Updates

  1. The locaL CCA has grown and now includes Santa Barbara County. Under strong public pressure they are backing away from a plan to use nuclear power form Diablo Canyon.
  2. Now that the area has expanded beyond Monterey Bay area the name has changed to Central Coast Community Energy  –  3CE.
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There is new movement towards CCA groups which are accelerating greenhouse gas reductions is with a program called CCA 3.0 – see graphic above and click link for details. 
If you are interested in following up on a local CCA 3.0 please contact Jim Mulherrin at jimm@ucsc.edu

County 3/22/19  Link to text of SB 100 – CA Clean Energy Bill

March 27, 2018  – Request for Community Advisory Applications. Materials below

March 7 Meeting Notes

Dear Micheal,

MBCP Meeting March 7, 2018

Last week, Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) started delivering power to its first customers. Then, yesterday, thanks to the hard work of a diverse group of labor, environmental, and social justice activists, our communities and shared environment won a landmark victory when MBCP voted to create a strong and diverse Community Advisory Council.

More than 70 people from the tri-county area showed up early yesterday morning to join Greenpower in advocating for this important milestone. Our voices were heard loud and clear. Together, we successfully engaged the board members, and in turn, the board came to a unanimous decision we strongly and happily support. We applaud their vision, and we laud their commitment to community involvement in MBCP.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who made this vote possible, especially our coalition partners at Aromas Progressive Action League, San Benito Rising, San Jerardo Farmworkers Cooperative, the Campaign for Sustainable Transportation, IBEW Local 234, Planetwatch Radio, Monterey Bay Regional Climate Action Compact, Communities for Sustainable Monterey County, Regeneración-Pajaro Valley Climate Action, and Santa Cruz Climate Action Network. To each and every one of you: we can’t thank you enough for your tireless and invaluable efforts, and for turning up and turning out such a wonderfully engaged and eloquent crowd to the meeting.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of adding a diverse and ongoing Community Advisory Council to MBCP. By contributing meaningful public participation to the decision-making process on key issues, the Community Advisory Council can take an active role in ensuring that MBCP reaches its full potential.MBCP Meeting March 7, 2018

This was a true team effort. Our hearty thanks to those who have supported us throughout this campaign. We look forward to working together with you, with our coalition partners, and with MBCP’s staff and boards to shape a regional energy program that can serve as a model, both locally and globally, long into the future.

In Unity,
Benjamin Eichert
Greenpower Director

210 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Greenpower is a project of the 501(c)(3) Romero Institute