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Below are a few samples of over a 100 letters written by the students

I want to thank you so much for donating your time to us. I learned a lot, and you even changed my mind about global warming. I never used to think that global warming was such a problem, but now I know that it is such an extremely urgent problem that we need to start working on. This week I learned that the most carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 300ppm and now it’s at 406ppm. This is the highest it’s ever been. Another thing I learned was that we could be solar and clean by 2050 if we start now. I also know that throwing out food causes methane to be put in the atmosphere causing pollution, which can be avoided if we lower how much waste we have. Again, I thank you so much for spending your time with us and keeping up with us 13 year olds, and I know it can be tough. R.D

Hey guys, my name is Ronan. The presentation and everything you guys did for us was awesome! I love learning about solar and energy. One thing I learned was how we kids can start saving the world. I actually just this week bought a solar power battery pack! It powers anything USB port. So now whenever I go camping I won’t have to go down to the lodge or turn on our car and waste gas. This way I’ll have clean energy. I also have started biking more to school, to friends house and etc. Anyways I want you guys to know that it was very fun doing the experiment and learning about saving our world and saving money. It’s really cool that you guys did this out of the kindness of your heart and I think that I’m going to install solar in my house. And soon, hopefully in our time that the world will be saved from global warming. Thanks guys! C.S.

I would like to personally thank you for coming into this class and educating those who inhabit it on the horribly disgusting topic of global warming. Before you came into this class, I believed I knew everything there was to know about climate change. I now know the severity of the topic and what we can do as people to change it. I personally believe the larger onshore or offshore wind turbines would make the greatest difference but that’s just me. Secondly, I like the idea of the simple things like eating all your food, which greatly benefits the atmosphere. Lastly, one of my top candidates is a plant rich diet, which reduces 66.11 ggt of carbon dioxide! All in all your teaching this week has enlightened me very much so and I shall thank you to my fullest extent? E. G.

Thank you for volunteering to teach my class. We learned a lot of new ways to help the environment. One of the ways I learned to help the environment was not to waste food. 30 percent of food is thrown way by U.S. consumers. This is incredibly bad for the environment because when the food rots it releases the greenhouse gas, methane. This is also a waste of resources, for example the trucks that transport the food give off carbon dioxide. I also learned how much cheaper and better wind turbines are for the environment. Wind turbines are projected to be #2 in ranks and results by 2050. Wind turbines will also save about 7 trillion after 3 decades of operation. Finally, another way to save the environment I learned about was a plant rich diet. This was projected to save 66.11 ggt of CO2 by 2050. Emissions can be reduced by 70 percent through adopting a vegan diet. Also, $1 trillion can be saved in annual health costs. As you can see I have learned a lot while you taught my class. Your act of kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you. D. C.

Thank you so much for teaching our class about climate change and why it is really bad for our earth. Thank you for teaching us facts like eating cows everyday is really bad for our environment and that we should stop eating cows and only eat it sparingly because I learned that they cut down rainforests and cows burp methane which is a greenhouse gas. Driving cars and having factories are one of the main reasons there is polluted air in our environment. I just wanted to say thank you guys again. G. H.

I want to thank you for coming into our classroom. I really enjoyed learning about solar farms and plant diets. I also enjoyed doing the project about the fan and the solar panels. I also learned something very useful which is we don’t always have to use cars; we can use a bicycle as transportation. Using bicycles helps the earth a lot and it helps stop global warming. Also, once again thank you very much. L. C.