Feb 2021 – New signs attached to the magnolias every Wednesday – joint DCA & SC CAN project – Thanks Erica Aiken.Look for new signs – on the trees on Farmers market after Feb 10.

Feb 2021 – We are still fighting the Taj Garage monstrosity. Here’s a link to several excellent columns by Stephen Kessler.

New song from Russell Brutsche, all about the garage-library, farmers market, and our Downtown Commons updated version Oct 6 ENJOY!!

Another great song from Russell TAJ GARAGE Oct 14 – share it with lots of people!

Russell’s Third song “For the Climate is a Changing” Oct 20

Details for connecting with Council Meeting Oct 27th

Op-ed including email details for officials

WIN – WIN     Restore the LIBRARY and SAVE THE TREES

Win for Library: Renovation supplemented with funds saved from not building a garage.
Win for Farmers Market:  Permanence at an improved Downtown Commons.
Win for Affordable Housing:

1. Build affordable housing on Front St City Lot #7 instead of moving the Farmers Market there.

2. Partner with Calvary Church to build affordable housing above City-operated ground level parking.

Seems it will take a new City Council see the light. VOTE!

Lots more details in this OPED from Sandra Ivany including suggestions for email to the city

Sign the petition   https://www.change.org/p/santa-cruz-city-council-keep-farmers-market-on-existing-site-instead-of-new-garage

More at https://downtowncommonsadvocates.weebly.com/

City Council Sep 22

Good summary from Jean Brocklebank leader of Don’t Bury the Library (DBTL):
All our emails helped!  There were a total of 82 opposed to (and 41 in favor of) approving the contract for an Owner’s Representative, due to insufficient information. Then another 12 opposed to 5 in favor who spoke at yesterday’s 3 hour long meeting. 
In the end, we prevailed and staff will have to return in mid-late October with the information they were directed in June to provide in September!

Excellent new 4 minute video describes the problem well.

Wonderful cartoon by DeCinzo – is this what we want?

Garage song by Tyler Maldonado song lyrics

The planned garage/Library/(maybe a little housing) would destroy ALL of them. There is a great new website https://garagealternatives.org/ with lots of details. The garage has been strenuously opposed by Campaign for Sustainable Transportation. Their website has details on why the parking is not needed.

Article about the many benefits of city trees

Recent article about cities planting more trees – Santa Cruz wants to cut them down! posted 8/29/20

Great article with wonderful graphics about how cars have been taking way too much space in our cities.


Let the city council know the painting at the right is NOT what we want.

Here’s a local artist impression of the market.

This lot would be a perfect site for a public park where people could meet out of doors, read , relax, let the kids run or just enjoy the trees.

Downtown Commons Advocates – a local group has been advocating exactly this – facebook link and page on this site

and the SC Sentinel version of the city proposal

If you’d like to join our campaign you can contact paulineseales120@gmail.com or check out this group sign up.

Here are some more tree photos

  • Don’t Bury the Library
  • Sierra Club
  • Campaign for Sustainable Transportation
  • Youth for Climate Justice
  • Downtowns Commons Advocates
  • Santa Cruz Climate Action Network