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VOTE NO on Measure D – Protect the RAILS!

7/22/22 Article by Rick Longinotti

Covers the inability of the city to gain financing for the garage portion of the mixed use project

3 videos related to rail – added 8/11/22

Ian Griffiths: Seamless Santa Cruz, How Blending Metro and Rail creates a Transit Network www.seamlessbayarea.org, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6U5l90sNHg

Michael Seth Wexler: Bikes + Trains = Magic!

Rod Diridon: Why Santa Cruz County should move forward with rail transit

6/2/22 RTC Commissioner Andy Schiffrin 4 mins against Measure D

Posted 6/1/22 New Video

5/11/22 recent press on Measure D

These articles will answer many questions.  Links at the top, text or summaries below intro paragraphs.

Greenway Measure D is Actually Pretty Simple
      Federal rail law can be complicated as you will learn when you read the articles that are linked below.  But the Greenway Measure D is actually pretty simple.  Shall we change our general plan to forbid passenger rail in our county and tear out the tracks?  The legal and construction work necessary to implement this plan will delay current trail construction by several years.  That’s it.
      If you want the trail built quickly, vote no.  If you want to preserve options for clean light rail in our future, vote no.
      Greenway tries to obscure these simple points with pretty pictures of happy people on a trail. They say we must make a choice between trails and rails.  This is not true.  The trail is already being built.  This is just one of their many deceptions.  To see a more comprehensive list of their efforts to confuse the voters visit: Measure D Deceptions.
      People from across the political spectrum and from all around our county see through the misdirection and recommend a NO vote on Measure D.  To see the ever-growing list of opponents, visit: Opposed to Measure D.  You will see everyone from labor to business.  From the Chambers of Commerce to the Ecosocialists.  From the environmental groups to the Democratic clubs.  From the League of  Women Voters to the Boardwalk/Seaside Company.  Even the divided Santa Cruz City Council unanimously agreed on this: Measure D is bad for our county!

• The Sierra Club opposes Measure D
• Rail Banking Will Never Work (Land Trust of Santa Cruz County)
• Was Public Railroaded in Trail Deal? — Railbanking and the Payouts
• Rails-to-Trails Property Rights
• Yes, Funding Is Available  — The RTC’s Funding Paradox

• 3 Prior RTC Directors Call for Rejection of Measure D

4/21/22 Excellent letter by Fred Keeley

Recording of highlights from 3/31 event with several important speakers.

Detailed blog post outlining the history of support and opposition to the rail line, and this from Bratton Online.

Recording of Indivisible santa Cruz event April 5, 2022

The “Greenway” rail removal proposal will be Measure D on the June ballot.

Highlights from NO WAY GREENWAY event 3/31/22 – recording

Here’s a detailed Q & A with lots of information about why you should vote NO on D.

Recording of March 1 presentation by Sally Arnold and interview of Rosemary Sarko of Roaring Camp by Lani Faulkner. Lots of great info


Here’s an Argument against Measure D by Campaign for Sustainable Transportation (CFST)

Rail/trail map and history

The campaign for sustainable transportation website has a couple of links to documents with ridership and trail cost information.

Link to all related press releases including

Roaring Camp rejects RTC’s Plan to Force Abandonment of Rail Line

TCA’s own No “Greenway” flyer – contact Pauline if you’d like to get a bunch – updates coming soon!

CURRENT TRAIL INFORMATION – will be put on hold by Measure D

Current trail section status – lots of details in this recent RTC publication

This is the plan WITH THE RAIL

Santa Cruz Climate Action Network strongly opposes the greenways ballot initiative

  1. It will remove the possibility of clean low emissions public transit
  2. It will condemn poorer people to the awful freeway commute

We Need Equitable low emission transportation for Santa Cruz County along 3 corridors

Stop Deceptive GreenwayJoin our Text Team!

If you have done voter outreach by text before you know how fun and effective it is. If you have not done voter outreach by text before, read on to learn more.

  • Texting has been found to be a very effective and efficient way to communicate directly to voters. Our ThruText program is easy to use and you can do it from your computer or your phone.
  • We will provide a script with answers to common questions, so you don’t have to be an expert on anything.
  • The program makes it so efficient that one volunteer can reach hundreds of voters in just an hour. You can have a big impact in a short amount of time!

More Materials

How transportation affects Different people in our area

Link to tell your story about “Greenway” deception

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