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2/4/19  Link to Blog post about Massive hole in Antarctic Ice Sheet

Excellent new short video from Years Project:

Dec 16, 2018  To join the Extinction Rebellion click here

Dec 16, 2018. Excellent BBC summary of COP 24 in Poland. If you don’t feel like reading the text at least check out the graphics by clicking here or  Climate change: Where we are in seven charts

Dec 8, 2018, good article on lifestyle changes with an excellent graphic. I’ve enlarged the graphic for tabling. fig1full.jpg

Nov 18, 2018, Excellent long article by Bill Mckibben

Nov 18, 2018, Video about Extinction Revolution

Oct 14, 2018, New Financial Alternative to help Climate Change

Oct 9, 2018, The City adopted a Climate Adaptation Plan

Oct 8, 2018 New IPCC report on Climate Change

Oct 6, 2018 Discouraging new report on “De-carbonization” efforts around the world. We need to really get onto this RIGHT NOW

Sep 10 , 2018

  1. SACRAMENTO – Reaffirming California’s global climate leadership, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today signed Senate Bill 100, authored by Senate President pro Tempore Emeritus Kevin de León, setting a 100 percent clean electricity goal for the state, and issued an executive order establishing a new target to achieve carbon neutrality – both by 2045.

“This bill and the executive order put California on a path to meet the goals of Paris and beyond. It will not be easy. It will not be immediate. But it must be done,” said Governor Brown.

“In California, Democrats and Republicans know climate change is real, it’s affecting our lives right now, and unless we take action immediately – it may become irreversible,” said Senator de León. “Today, with Governor Brown’s support, California sent a message to the rest of the world that we are taking the future into our own hands; refusing to be the victims of its uncertainty. Transitioning to an entirely carbon-free energy grid will create good-paying jobs, ensure our children breathe cleaner air and mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change on our communities and economy.”

This is great news. Santa Cruz is already in a good clean energy position with its new Monterey Bay Community Power, but the executive order will require seriously addressing transportation emissions, which are the biggest contributing factor to climate change locally.

2. The state released its 4th Climate Assessment report August 27th. There are statewide and central coast reports each over 100 pages. The “Key Findings” (0verview) can be reviewed in less than 5 minutes.  Link to our Oct 25th event


Tomorrow Movie – of you missed the 2 local screenings  you can watch it on amazon from $3.99

Tomorrow website- Tomorrow 


UN 2017 report    This is worth reading in detail as it gives information about serious world-wide efforts.

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