The World Still Isn’t Meeting Its Climate Goals – New York times article Sep 2020

How America was Misled on Climate Change – published October 2019

Latest Yale survey on how American view Climate Change

Sophie’s Planet #1: Preface and Chapter 106 April 2020
James Hansen
Thanks to the Coronavirus, five trips are canceled.  Now I can really finish Sophie’s Planet, which is a story of how I learned the scientific method and of the implications that science has for policies needed to assure a bright future for young people and nature.

I will send out draft chapters for fact checking.  If you are locked away, need something to read, let me know if you find any flaws.  Here is the Preface plus Chapter 1. 

I opened a Twitter account @DrJamesEHansen, (, but will minimize interactions until the book is finished.

The Coronavirus and human-caused climate change are both characterized by a delayed response which makes the problem and its solution more difficult.  With the virus the delay time is of order weeks; with climate change the delay is of order generations.  In both cases, by the time the effects become obvious, there is a much larger response “in the pipeline.”

With the virus the lags for an individual are between infection, appearance of symptoms, and ultimate response, which can potentially include death.  The lag for spread of the virus is a bit longer, but it is still measured in weeks.  With climate change the lags are between emissions, appearance of warming, and ultimate effects such as large sea level rise and species extinctions, which can potentially lead to social disorder and a more desolate world.

We are in a race to find remedies in both cases, but the near-term focus on the virus provides a moment to assess the actions needed for climate.  It is a solvable problem.  It is inappropriate to pile stress on young people, by implying that it is too late for realistic actions to be effective.

It is also wrong science.  The climate problem is solvable with actions that make sense for other reasons, and the solution will yield a planet less susceptible to pandemics.

Great new interactive resource from Climate Central showing many different changes graphable for many cities in each state

California Democrats want their own Green New Deal to fight homelessness, climate change. 1/7/20

Interesting article about current science expeditions to the rapidly melting Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica 12/29/19

METHANE EMISSIONS REVEALED – Special camera shows methane leakages from a a large number of natural gas facilities posted 12/15/19

Democracy Now video of Great Thunberg in Madrid at COP25, Dec 2019

New article by James Hansen includes new simple graphs comparing major emitters. 12/5/19

A new way to remove CO2 from the air. Will be great if they can make it cheap enough and safely store the CO2 removed. Added 10/25/19

IPCC 2019 publication on The Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

IPCC 2019 on Climate Change and Land

Video about the potential Carbon removal technique called Iron Salt Aerosols. Might be great but should be investigated cautiously. 27 minute youtube. – added 10/12/19

July 2019 Global Temperature Update

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July 2019 was the hottest month ever in the GISTEMP analysis, i.e., since 1880 when adequate instrumental data became available.  July was +0.93°C relative to 1951-1980 or +1.17°C relative to 1880-1920, which is significantly warmer than prior Julys (left figure above).  July was the second consecutive month of a monthly record high (right figure).  The real temperature (not anomaly) exceeded that in August 2016, which had been the warmest month.

January-July in 2019 was +1.25°C relative to 1880-1920, second only to 2016 (+1.37°C) for those seven months.  2016 was affected by a super El Nino and 2019 by a weak El Nino.  Because of the relative phasing of the El Ninos, 2019 may have a higher temperature than 2016 averaged over the next five months, but it seems unlikely that the 2019 annual mean will exceed that of 2016.

The maps (below) of July 2019 temperature (which use 1951-1980 base period for the sake of better spatial coverage) show that northeastern Europe was cooler than in the base period.  Much of North America was near normal, but elsewhere it was unusually hot with Alaska and an area from Northern Africa to Central Europe especially warm.  Higher resolution maps show that much of Spain and areas around Baffin Bay and the north coast of Alaska were more than 5°C warmer than the 1951-80 mean.

Real temperatures (as opposed to anomalies), constructed using Dr. Phil Jones climatology and GISS 250 km smoothing of anomalies, show that the monthly mean of the daily mean (not daily maximum) exceeded 35°C (95°F) in parts of North Africa and the Middle East (map on lower right).


Report on record breaking temperatures in June 2019 especially in Europe

As the East prepares for record heat waves here is a new video explaining how the recent unusual weather in the US relates to Climate Change. 7/19/19

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 4.27.39 PM.png

More scary news from Greenland this week –Details here


Neo Carbon Renewables analysis 6/18/19

A complex analysis of future renewable energy systems eliminating fossil fuels.  An excellent simulation of hourly electricity demands with details for many world-wide regions.

Permafrost Problems    6/14/19

A good new video by Peter Sinclair in the “This is Not Cool” series covers melting permafrost problems.  Includes new scientific and government publications of interest to climate activists.

Call for Drastic Action in the Arctic News 6/14/19

Record floods devastate Nebraska – spring 2019

Excellent graphical visualization of world wide Climate Crises   3/7/19

It will open in a separate window. Read the text and go down to the world map. I used my cursor from the bottom moving up to display month by month.

Good 4 min video by Bill Nye 3/14/19

National Geographic article on Climate Change3/14/19

Link to Blog post about Massive hole in Antarctic Ice Sheet   2/4/19

Excellent new short video from Years Project

To join the Extinction Rebellion click here Dec 16, 2018.

Excellent BBC summary of COP 24 in Poland. If you don’t feel like reading the text at least check out the graphics by   clicking here or  Climate change: Where we are in seven chartsDec 16, 2018

Good article on lifestyle changes with an excellent graphic. I’ve enlarged the graphic for tabling. Dec 8, 2018fig1full.jpg

Excellent long article by Bill MckibbenNov 18, 2018

Video about Extinction Revolution Nov 18, 2018

New Financial Alternative to help Climate Change Oct 14, 2018,

The City adopted a Climate Adaptation Plan Oct 9, 2018,

New IPCC report on Climate Change   Oct 8, 2018

Discouraging new report on “De-carbonization” efforts around the world. We need to really get onto this RIGHT NOW Oct 6, 2018

Senate Bill 100

  1. SACRAMENTO – Reaffirming California’s global climate leadership, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today signed Senate Bill 100, authored by Senate President pro Tempore Emeritus Kevin de León, setting a 100 percent clean electricity goal for the state, and issued an executive order establishing a new target to achieve carbon neutrality – both by 2045.

“This bill and the executive order put California on a path to meet the goals of Paris and beyond. It will not be easy. It will not be immediate. But it must be done,” said Governor Brown.

“In California, Democrats and Republicans know climate change is real, it’s affecting our lives right now, and unless we take action immediately – it may become irreversible,” said Senator de León. “Today, with Governor Brown’s support, California sent a message to the rest of the world that we are taking the future into our own hands; refusing to be the victims of its uncertainty. Transitioning to an entirely carbon-free energy grid will create good-paying jobs, ensure our children breathe cleaner air and mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change on our communities and economy.”

This is great news. Santa Cruz is already in a good clean energy position with its new Monterey Bay Community Power, but the executive order will require seriously addressing transportation emissions, which are the biggest contributing factor to climate change locally.   Sep 10 , 2018

2. The state released its 4th Climate Assessment report August 27th. There are statewide and central coast reports each over 100 pages. The “Key Findings” (0verview) can be reviewed in less than 5 minutes.  Link to our Oct 25th event

Tomorrow Movie – of you missed the 2 local screenings  you can watch it on amazon from $3.99      Tomorrow website- Tomorrow 

UN 2017 report    This is worth reading in detail as it gives information about serious world-wide efforts.

SeaLevel Rise        Hot House Earth          pages with lots of info