A Glacier the Size of Florida Is Becoming Unstable. It Has Dire Implications for Global Sea Levels

Link to this TIME article with good short videos   8/25/19

News on Sea Level Rise

On new 30 minute video including many major scientists  8/17/19


New report discusses possibility of sea level rise ABOVE 6 FEET by 2100.  With increased fracturing and under-melting, this is hardy a surprise but will potentially affect hundreds of millions of people world wide. 5/24/19

One of Tiffany Wise-West’s creative outreach endeavors.  Excellent material from the Middlebury Institute, Monterey on Sea Level Rise in Santa Cruz – Click on the play button on the second image. Hope to see this in virtual reality soon.

This is my local Mitchell cove before and after.         4/7/19

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More on Sea Level Rise AND storm surge and more energetic waves3/22/19

Good Article about Climate Change and Oceans and Coastlines, from Middlebury Institute, Monterey  titled

“Putting the Blue in the Green New Deal”  3/21/19

News from Antarctica seems increasingly grim. Meanwhile someone local posted this sign at 9th and East Cliff.  Science now indicates it may happen way sooner than 2100. Would love to get in touch with whoever made and set up the sign!  3/21/19

Excellent but scary National Geographic article on the Thwaites Glacier    3/12/19

Added March 2018 – After UCSC Climate Conference

Hothouse Earth – similar material to UCSC presentation one, showing palm trees in the arctic

Force Majeure – work by Newton Harrison includes excellent predictions of sea level rise an the SF Bay area

Sea Level Rise Santa Cruz County 2017

1. SLR FINAL REPORT    by Gary Griggs and others (71 pages)

2. 2016 Student Research Project – sea-level rise brochure  by Erica Sumner,  Environmental Studies Student University of California Santa Cruz

Why is the sea rising?

People are creating too much air pollution in the form of carbon dioxide and other gasses. It’s filling up the sky and trapping too much heat from the sun so the earth is warming up like a greenhouse.  Land ice in the north and south poles is melting into the ocean so the water is rising and our beaches are going to get smaller.

As sea-levels rise, the city of Santa Cruz will also experience an increased incidence of severe flooding near the riverbank including downtown and the beach flats neighborhood.

The water table near the riverbank is already close to the surface so businesses that currently pump the water away may not be able to continue to do so.

Estimated Rise

 Last century, the sea rose approx. one foot

By 2030, 1 foot of rise is likely.

By 2050, 2 feet of rise is likely

By 2100 6 feet of rise is likely and downtown Santa Cruz may be flooded at high tide.

If ice-sheets fail to stabilize, the sea will rise fifty feet by 2500 and downtown Santa Cruz would be under water.

Eventual melting of all land and mountain ice would result in 230 feet of rise and most of the city of Santa Cruz would be under water.

Sea-level rise is highly likely to continue but we have the opportunity to affect its rate in the future. It depends on whether we continue to pollute at current levels. We still have the chance to help make a difference.

Thanks to Russel Brutsche for his beautiful art and Erica Sumner for her hard work

3. Projections for local areas from   https://choices.climatecentral.org

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