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We meet and demonstrate at a strategic location. There will be short speeches and open mic time. YOUNG PEOPLE ARE PRIORITY SPEAKERS!!

Then we’ll read a “specific ask” and take it to the appropriate official. (this should be different at each event) The county building houses Federal, State and County officials. We could also target the city of Santa cruz, RTC Regional Transportation Commission or others.

Day 2 – Feb 28th – Since the XR Disco-bedience was scheduled we decided to join them – more photos at our XR page.

Day 1 – Jan 31st – County Office Building – The front steps – organizer SC CAN – see photos below

Start time 3:00 pm – target State Assemblyman Mark Stone

Request – list of items for the State of CA to address to reduce GHGs from vehicles

* No new gasoline cars/light trucks to be sold after 2025

 * Trade-in rebate for gasoline -> used e-vehicles

 * Gradually implemented steep increases in vehicle licenses for existing “gas Guzzlers” with exceptions for genuine work vehicles

 *Lots of $$$ for electric buses, light rail , e-charging, facilities etc.

* Support AB1350 – free rides for those 18 and younger on public transport

Follow-up Events Friday Feb 28 Friday Mar 27

ANY local group concerned about the climate should submit an email request to paulineseales120@gmail.com about 10 or more days ahead with a brief plan.

No Violence or rudeness, entrance blocking OK if that’s what you want to do – may shorten the event! NOTE – Marches to the events FINE but not required.