Update Jan 21 , 2020 Events are in Santa Cruz unless otherwise noted.

Events are in Santa Cruz unless otherwise noted.
NOTE: more details on events at http://santacruzcommunitycalendar.org/ on our work at  scruzclimate.org  
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Fire Drill Fridays – Youth for Climate Justice will be joining us Jan 31st 3pm. Bring sep 27 fire signs if you have them. Short rally and specific NEW climate action message to an official.
Any group can volunteer to organize the next event Feb 28 – contact paulineseales120@gmail.com.
Jan 23 SCCAN meeting – Live Oak Grange. Will include a presentation on Transportation by Rick Longinotti, a demonstration of this new Climate Solution simulator called En-Roads, and some election information. (Usual 6:30 optional potluck and 7pm program)

Upcoming Events 

Wed Jan 22, 6pm, Race Reconciliation, Kuumbwa Jazz Center

Wec Jan 22, 6pm, Eastside Forum with Glover and Krohn, Pacific Cultural Center

Thu Jan 23, 9:45am, Campaign for Sustainable Transportation, see calendar

Thu Jan 23, 7pm, SC CAN Meeting, Live Oak Grange, 6:30 optional potluck

Fri Jan 24, 3pm, Climate Chalking – downtown – Pacific or Front st

Fri Jan 24, 3pm, Climate Meditation, Clock tower

Sat Jan 25, 10am, Basic Composting Workshop, Live Oak Grange

Sat Jan 25, 1pm, Trail Groundbreaking, SC Mountain Brewery

Sat Jan 25, 5pm, Poetry & Politics – Tim Fitzmaurice, Bad Animal Books, Cedar St

Sun Jan 26, 3pm, Climate Emergency Discussion, Blue Lagoon, 823 Pacific

Mon Jan 27, 5:30pm, Green Building Request, 125 Water St

Tue Jan 28, 8am, Science of Healthy Soils Workshop, Moss Landing Marine Labs

Tue Jan 28, 2:45pm, Planetary Climate ScienceCabrillo Coll. room 806

Tue Jan 28, 7pm, Combatants for Peace, Center for Spiritual Living, Felt St

Wed Jan 29, 6:30pm, County Candidates Forum, Cabrillo Coll. lecture Hall 454

Fri Jan 31, 3pm, Fire Drill Friday 1, County Office Building

Fri Jan 31, 3pm, Climate Chalking – downtown – Pacific or Front st

Fri Jan 31, 3pm, Climate Meditation, Clock tower

Fri Jan 31, 8pm, Kuumbwa Benefit concert

Sat Feb 1, 10am, George Lakey Workshops, RCNV

Wed Feb 5, 10:45 Transit Alternatives, Simpkins Center, 17th Ave

Thu Feb 6, 6:30pm, Friends of Juristac meeting, RCNV

NOTE: more details on events at http://santacruzcommunitycalendar.org/ and more details on our work at  scruzclimate.org

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