Updated Aug 7 , 2019
NOTE: more details on any event at http://santacruzcommunitycalendar.org/
and more details on our work at  scruzclimate.org –  new page for Climate Strike , new blog post on carless cities and update on SOS event at https://scruzclimate.org/reducing-plastic/
Check the weekly climate newsletter  – and webpage  https://hotair.magiamma.com/
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And check out this app   2020orBust
The Global Climate Strike Coalition is proceeding well. See info and links at this webpage and our ads in the Good Times. 
And put Aug 22 on your calendar for a detailed preparation meeting. Bring your own creative ideas and several friends.
Wed Aug 7, 6:45pm, XR (Extinction Rebellion) Mtg, RCNV
Thu Aug 8, 10:30am, CCL Panetta office mtg – all welcome, 701 Ocean St, 3rd floor
Thu Aug 8, 6:15pm, People Dem. Club, Dem HQ ste 165 Galleria, Front St . Attend to vote to support John Laird and oppose recall. 
Fri Aug 9, 4:30pm, SC CAN meeting with Drew Glover to discuss GND etc, city hall
Fri Aug 9, 6pm, Yosemite Art photography show, benefit to Our Children’s Trust, India Joe’s
Sat Aug 10, 8:30am – 4:30 pm, David Solnit Protest Art Workshop, RCNV
We will be making materials for the sept climate strike. 
Sat Aug 10, 9:30am, CCL Monthly meeting, Walnut Commons
Sat Aug 10, 12 noon, Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vigil at the Town clock
Sun Aug 11, 11 am, Direct Action Training, RCNV.  Please RSVP
Sun Aug 11, 11:30am, Mayor Watkins Listening Session, HiAP (Health in All Policies), Downtown Library
Sun Aug 11, 3pm, Stop Hwy Expansion Fund Raiser Party, email longinotti@baymoon.com
Mon Aug 12, 9am, Amah Mutsun Educator Workshop, SC Nat Hist Mus, please RSVP
Tue Aug 13, TBDCity Council item – Drew Glover request for  Green New Deal for Santa Cruz – see agenda Aug 9 for time.
Wed Aug 14, 9am, SC CAN meeting with Justin Cummings, city hall
Thu Aug 15, 9:50am, CFST Meeting, email longinotti@baymoon.com for details
Thu Aug 15, 6:30pm, Climate Strike Coalition mtg, Tabby Cat cafe, Cedar st.
Thu Aug 15, 5:30pm, Health in All Policies, mtg with mayor Watkins, Beach Flats Park. 
(Kid activities start 5:30 mayor speaks at 6:45)
Thu Aug 226:30pm, SC CAN Grange planning meeting for Sep 20, Global Climate Action. ALL groups and ideas welcome. We’ll work as separate affinity groups. Live Oak Grange. Note usual optional potluck at 6:30pm and program at 7pm. We’ll review plans so far and split into working groups.