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Sat May 15, noon, Protest Chase Bank, Grant Park to Chase Bank-Join us for this DEFUND LINE 3 protest.

Line 3 through tribal lands in  Minnesota will carry tar sands oil – we need to stop it. If the banks don’t fund it – it will stop.

Please note: Santa Cruz Defund Line 3 event  NOT May 7 – May 15 – see below

We’ll need people to help with the OIL PIPES – they are light – just cardboard

With friends at Chase protest Jan 2020

Fri May 7, 6pm, Classic Labor Film Series, link

Sat May 8, 1pm, Welcoming Workshop, link

Mon May 10, 9am Clean Energy Research, link
Mon May 10, 4pm, Mons Drop Truth Bombs, link

Tue May 11, 3pm, Connection Rituals for Climate Grief, link
Tue May 11, 7pm, Reel Work: Bread & Roses – Artists Honor labor, register

Wed May 12, 6pm, Watershed Trivia Night, link

Thu May 13, 11:30am Discussions in Difficult Times, link

Thu May 13, 1pm, Sustainable Systems ADU event, contact 
Fri May 14, 6pm. Classic Labor Film Series, link
Fri May 14, 10am, Reel Work: Italien Labor History, Register

Sat May 15, noon, Protest Chase Bank, March from Grant Park to Chase Bank-Join us for this DEFUND LINE 3 protest. Line 3 thu tribal lands in Minnesota will carry toxic tar sands oil – we need to stop it.Event details here

Tue May18, 6pm, Reel Work Global Economics, register 
Tue May18, 6:30pm, Organizing for Arizona presentation, link

Wed May 19, 7pm, Santa Cruz ACLU Board Meeting, contact
Thu May 20, 1:30pm, Energy Solutions – Gonzalez Microgrid – register
Thu May 20, 5pm, Plastic Justice, register
Thu May 20, 7pm, Friends of Juristac monthly meeting, link

Fri May 21. 6pm, Classic Labor Film Series, link

Fri May 21, 6pm, Third Friday Community Drumming with Jim Greiner, Inner Light Center

check the Environteers website – lots of great outdoor opportunities