Updated Apr 17, 2019
NOTE: more details on any event at http://santacruzcommunitycalendar.org/
Public Banking will help deal with Climate Change and other problems. 
Please contact the committees before Apr 22 with this message : 
“Please to support AB 857, licensing public banking.”    Mark Stone is a co-author
Check the weekly climate newsletter  – and webpage  https://hotair.magiamma.com/
Environmental volunteer website  

Lots of REEL Works films and Earth Week events
Wed Apr 17, 6:45pm, Making Change Happen in CA – WILPF & PDC, RCNV
Thu Apr 18, 2pm, Climate Action Compact, Castroville Library, 
Sat Apr 20, 11am, EARTH DAY SANTA CRUZ  – see our booth and
                    11am, Composting Workshops, San Lorenzo Park 
                            DON’T miss the Sea Level Rise Flash Mob!
We’d love some help at the booth – fun kid solar activity
Sat Apr 20, 1pm, Mutsun Pie Ranch Day, Pie ranch, Pescadero
Sat Apr 20, 4pm, “Abrupt Climate Change – Now What?” , RCNV  
Mon Apr 22, 2pm, UCSC EcoFest – Rachel Carson Red Room – we’ll be tabling
Mon Apr 22, 7pm, REEL Work Labor Films, “Chavez- inside the Coop”, RCNV
Tue Apr 23, 6pm, UCSC Swap, Upcycle, Love, Rachel Carson Red Room
Tue Apr 23, 7pm, REEL Work Films, Koch Brothers Exposed, Kresge Coll. Std Lounge
Wed Apr 24, 12pm, End Solitary Santa Cruz Monthly Outreach, DTown Farmers market
Wed Apr 24, 4pm, Million $ S-Lab ProjectUCSC, Thimann Greenhouse
Wed Apr 24,  7pm, REEL Work Labor FilmsAdios Amor, Live Oak Grange
Thu Apr 25, 9:45am, Campaign for Sustainable Transportation
Thu Apr 25, 2pm, E-paper and the city of the Future, Hilton SC (Scotts Valley)
Thu Apr 25, 5pm, UCSC, Reclaim, Redefine, Reimagine Dinner, Oakes/RCC Dining Hall
Thu Apr 25th, 6:30pm, Paris to Pittsburg, film at Cabrillo College. 
Room 450. Replaces our usual grange event – great Climate Change movie!
Buses from Santa Cruz  #71, 5:15pm or #69W 5:30pm or carpool 
Thu Apr 25, 7pm, Take Root and be heardUCSC – Rachel Carson Plaza
Fir Apr 26, all day, Cool Campus Challenge , UCSC, last day
Fri Apr 26, 2pm, Just Sustainability, UCSC, Coll 9/10 MPR
Fri Apr 26,  7pm, REEL Work Labor Films, Fierce Light, Wisdom Center of Santa Cruz, 740 Front St.

Fri Apr 26, 
7pm, REEL Work Labor Films, Adios Amor, Cabrillo Watsonville Center
Fri Apr 26, 7pm, Justice for Palestine?, RCNV

Sat Apr 27, 11am, Changing RoutesUpper Campus hike from Quarry plaza
Sat Apr 27, 3:30pm, GND Town Hall, San Jose Main Public Library, 
         150 E. San Fernando, possible carpool – contact paulineseales120@gmail.com
Sat Apr 27,  7pm, REEL Work Labor Films, The Judge, RCNV
Sun Apr 28, 1pm, Pie for the People, Homeless Garden Project, Shaffer Rd, Santa Cruz
Sun Apr 28, 7pm, REEL Work Labor FilmsBattle of Seattle, RCNV
Mon Apr 29, 7pm, REEL Work Labor FilmsThe Hand That Feeds, RCNV
Tue Apr 30, 7pm, REEL Work Labor FilmsStanding Up for Patients, RCNV
Wed May 1, 7pm, REEL Work Labor Films, The Long Shadow, Del Mat Theater
Thu May 2, 7pm, REEL Work Labor Films, The Long Ride, RCNV
Fri May 3, 7pm, REEL Work Labor FilmsPower To Heal, Louden Nelson
Sat May 4, 2:15pm, Changing the Dream, Pachamama Symposium, Live Oak Grange
         CoSponsored by Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
Sat May, 7pm, REEL Work Labor Films, Don’t Give Up Your Voice, RCNV
Celebrate EARTH !  Day – Week – the planet!!