Beginners Guide to Climate Change – good place to start – click on links to learn more.

These following lessons were originally planned as classroom lessons. Some are immediately usable on-line. Lessons which have been modified for on-line use will have “OL” at the end of the file name.

Also check out our other lessons here and modify as needed. Email me if you have problems or questions –

Climate Science for 5th-7th grade -using the nasa website,gov

– includes a “coral bleaching game”.

Coral Bleaching Video (2:41)

Climate Science for 8th Grade through adult – using Climate.nasa,gov


More info here. Direct access to the simulation.

GreenHouse Effect  (45 min) – Chemistry lesson (does not work with Chrome books)

Simulation Activity –  Student WS  GHpHet,    teacher guide GHpHetTchr

Alternative by J. Scolaro   Powerpt 7.2 GHouse   Student Note  7.2 GHousenotes

The Carbon Story – great graphics – Stud WS CStoryLessson, teachguide CstoryTeach

Visioning the Future – this lesson is suitable for almost any class including Social Studies, English Language and Art


Nasa CO2  Video  2:41 min.

The Soil Story by Kiss The Ground 

Eat Less Meat  (1:30)


Brief – Mar 2020 – Short powerpoint on the current climate science Brief2020 DOWNLOAD – well annotated.

Longer – More details – updated Mar 2020

Spanish powerpoint with text in spanish –

omita las demostraciones si se usa para la enseñanza en línea

Bilingual notes for spanish powerpoint


Drawdown – Excellent SOLUTIONS information with a new 2020 update. Also related info here. Higher grade student WS  Solutions1_1

More useful videos

Feb 2020 – Kid friendly Students Guide to Global Warming and info on Clean Energy

Jan 2020 – Great new 3 min video with Greta and George Monbiot

New Nov 2019 – How to talk about Climate Change

Lots of good videos and other resources