We have all been watching the news on this important Climate Change conference in Glasgow Scotland.

Dissappointing but scarcely unexpected! Here are a few articles and videos

Youth Summary for the ACE group – 3 min video

Piece from the Wild Center with several recordings by young people

New York Times Cop 26 summary article. Basically moving in the right direction but not yet fast enough

Press conference at the COP by our state senator John Laird about 30 mins

Glasgow Pact Slammed for Betraying the Global Poor Who Suffer Most from the Climate Emergency

Indigenous Amazonian Leader: We Must End Fossil Fuel Extraction to Protect the “Lungs of the Earth”

How Wealth Inequality Fuels the Climate Emergency: George Monbiot & Scientist Kevin Anderson on COP26

Climate Crisis = Health Emergency: Air Pollution, Pandemics & Displacement Make the World Sick

Walkout: Outraged by New COP26 Pact, Civil Society Holds People’s Plenary & Leaves Climate Summit