Nov 02 at RCNV, 612 Ocean St, Santa Cruz

New Ways to Value Life on our Planet

Introducing a Bold New Monetary Policy and Economic Paradigm that Together can Create a Living Systems Economy Worldwide

By Sustainable Systems Research Foundation

Links to KSQD Radio Interviews conducted in the weeks before the event:

#1) Could a Carbon Currency Save our Planet? This interview goes into the basics of the Global Carbon Reward and is a good orientation to the policy.

#2) The Global Carbon Reward as a Living Systems Economy: This interview explores more philosophy and depth around the proposal.

Christine Previews the Event in a Conversation with Della and Delton Oct 12 

Great background information on Global Carbon Reward

About this event

Registration is by donation and includes a follow-up recording and optional zoom link. Suggested donation between $1-10. Please register as we may not be able to offer tickets at the door. For everyone’s safety, please bring proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test result within 24 hours of the event.

What can we do in Santa Cruz except say “Welcome!” when a visitor from Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel, The Ministry for the Future, turns out to be a real person!

Dr. Delton Chen, founder Global Carbon Reward (GCR), is a visiting geo-hydrologist from Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Chen’s GCR policy inspired Robinson’s game-changing “Carbon Coin” in the novel and is a bold new policy idea to inspire and incentivize effective action in support of a healthy biosphere. Meet Dr. Chen himself on November 2 to learn more, ask questions, and discover a way to fund the future by increasing environmental wealth rather than extracting it. To learn more in advance, check out this 40-minute introduction by Dr. Chen on YouTube: Introduction to Global Carbon Reward (2020)

Imagine a global monetary policy, backed by the world’s central banks, that rewards all players from corporations to municipalities to individuals for certified actions that effectively remove carbon from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity, and reduce environmental harms. The Global Carbon Reward is a big and potent carrot to draw the world toward a liveable future.

Della Duncan, Renegade Economist, Co-Founder of California Doughnut Economics Coalition (CalDEC) and a Public Banking Advocate from San Francisco (and a recent transplant to Boulder Creek) addresses additional theories of economic change designed for justice and climate solutions. Della invites you to “unlearn everything you thought you knew about economics” with her Podcast Upstream: Radical ideas and inspiring stories for a just transition. She will address ideas around De-growth and the questioning of “Green Capitalism” as applied to the Global Carbon Reward.

Experience Della in this excellent audio documentary produced by her team at The Upstream Podcast: “The Green Transition: The Problems with Green Capitalism, Part 1

Moderator: Christine Barrington, KSQD 90.7 FM (Host for Talk of the Bay)

By hosting this event, the following co-sponsors are Celebrating Solutions-Focused Santa Cruz

Sponsors: Solar Dividends, a proposal to end poverty and the need for fossil fuels (Robert Stayton); Vital Cycles, Women-Led Permaculture Design & Human Ecology Program (Lydia Neilsen and Anne Freiwald); Sustainable Solutions Research Foundation (Ronnie Lipschutz and Associates); Santa Cruz Climate Action Network (Pauline Seales and Team); Central Coast Public Banking (Ellen Farmer “ask me!”and Colleagues)