Interactive New Lessons for 5-7 grades – 11/18/19 – classroom

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High School Government Lesson

Includes review of problem, role play                CCGov      (110 mins)

 High/Middle School Science Lesson     (upgraded to NGSS 5E’s format)  (70 mins)

Basic Presentation – prefer to use small sections with students activities in between

Basic Climate Science  (55 min)        

Student WS  ClimNasa_Ice   teacher guide  CliNasaTeach

diagram for water/ice activity IceActDiag

 GreenHouse Effect  (45 min)

Note – this is currently a Java program but there is a new SW called CheerpJ which allows it to run on a browser – therefore OK for Chrome books

Simulation Activity –  Student WS  GHpHet, 

Alternative by J. Scolaro   Powerpt 7.2 GHouse   Student Note  7.2 GHousenotes

 Sea Level Rise (30 min) – Word Wide and local investigation (Santa Cruz)

 Student WS  SeaLev19  ,  teacher guide  SeaLev19TR

New Page on Ocean Acidification

 Thinking and Writing – reflections on recent news  – (25 mins)

Scenarios – stories of young people affected by ClimateChange

2017 Scenarios     Students read, and then share in a walk/talk or other activity

 High/Middle School – Historical/World Wide Perspectives 

(about 70 mins total – could shorten)

The Carbon Story – great graphics – Stud WS CStoryLessson,



Solar Activity with lights, batteries and mini solar cells – any age                                           – teacher guide SolarTeach, Student WS  SolTech, Short version  Solarshr

(Note we have 18 student sets of materials) loanable!

Drawdown activity with cards – Middle/High School – DDown ActCards, Student WS DDownActWSteacher guide DdownTch , review powerpoint DDownActiv, Higher grade option – Student WS  Solutions1_1

 Solution Art for grades 4-6         Short video intros    Solution Videos

Carbon FarmingThe Soil Story (4min) ,

 The Dirt on Climate Change – local video (42min),  Student Question Sheet DirtCC2

For Biology Classes  

Penguins     Excellent activity from NSTA  Climate Change Pole-Pole  PoletoPole 

Chapter 5—Now You “Sea” Ice, Now You Don’t ………….page 77

Older student worksheet     PenguinChanges   

(NOTE don’t use this version – it has loads of errors – emailed the author 6/7/19 Penguin communities shift on the Antarctic Peninsula Version 7. 2013)

Other case studies in POLE to POLE include

  • Chapter 6 – Polar Bear decline
  • Chapter 7 – Wolves
  • Chapter 8 – Phenological mismatch in the Mediterranean
  • Chapter 9 – Pollen Allergy Increase
  • Chapter 10 – Heat Waves Increase

Earth / Environmental science

Excellent powerpoint by Jessica Humburg     7.1 Climates and Biomes