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High School Government Lesson

Includes review of problem , role play                CCGov      (110 mins)

High/Middle School Science Lessons     (most upgraded to NGSS 5E’s format)

PowerpointApr19 -use a section at a time

Basic Climate Science  (55 min)   –  Student WS  ClimNasa_Ice,    teacher guide CliNasaTeach

diagram for water/ice activity IceActDiag

Middle School Science Lesson   –  Student WS  CCMS,    teacher guide CCMSTeach

GreenHouse Effect  (40 min)

Simulation Activity –  Student WS  GHpHet,    teacher guide GHpHetTchr 

Thinking and Writing – reflections on recent news

Is there Hope?  –  Student WS  Hope&essayHope_ Spanish    ,     Hope Chinese

Scenarios – stories of young people affected by Climate Change  2017Scenarios

Students read, and then share in a walk/talk or other activity

High/Middle School – Historical/World Wide Perspectives

The Carbon Story – Excellent graphics – CStoryLessson


Greta Thunberg   – 3min vid,    Young Voices for the Planet – series of 6 min videos

Oakland Kids video (2min) on the Green new Deal


Solar Activity with lights, batteries and mini solar cells – any age (link to photos)

Includes more details – Student WS  SolTech,     Short version    Solarshrt

Drawdown activity with cards – Middle/High School        – DDown ActCards

Student WS  DDownActWS,    teacher guide DdownTch

review powerpoint DDownActiv

Higher grade option  Student WS  Solutions1_1

Solution Art for grades 4-6         Short video intros    Solution Videos

(link to photos)

In preparation  – lessons on Sea Level Rise and Ocean Acidification