The 12/12/22 Parks & Rec appeal hearing was denied 4/3.

We submitted a new appeal to city council 12/22/22, (see below) but meanwhile Mayor Fred Keeley and council man Newsome planned to ask at the Jan 10,23 council meeting for a thorough review of the project at a future meeting – probably 2/28/23

12/22/22 New Appeal to city council

Update 12/14/22 – Our appeal was denied – Next step – we will be appealing to the city council

12/9/22 here’s the agenda for the upcoming regular meeting on Monday, December 12, 2022, at 4:00 PM via Zoom ( We will be opposing the proposed continuance!

Link to the complete package

Dear tree friends – 11/27/22

On October 28th we filed an official appeal against the Heritage tree-cutting permit which had been posted on the Farmers’ Market (Lot 4) trees. This appeal will be heard by the Parks and Rec Commission on Dec 12, 2012.

This meeting will be held in similar format to city council meetings – possibly all on zoom. The public will be able to speak – but possibly only 1 minute each. Lots of people have asked how they can help. You can  email:

OR write letters to:

Secretary to the Commission, Tremain Hedden-Jones, 323 Church Street, Santa Cruz, CA. 95060,  831-420-5270

Since this commission has ZERO influence over decisions issues about garage, library and housing it would be best to focus ONLY on the trees. The major point in the appeal is that the city failed to follow its own laws which state that: 

1. “A heritage tree or heritage shrub, as defined in Chapter 9.56 of the City of Santa Cruz Municipal Code shall only be altered or removed in the following circumstances:

(c) (3) A construction project design cannot be altered to accommodate existing heritage trees or shrubs.”

Our review of relevant city files and communications produced zero evidence of any effort to include any of the existing trees in the design.

If our appeal to the commission is upheld, we expect that the developer will appeal to the City Council. That appeal would not be heard before January 2023.

If you write to the Commission, please focus primarily on the Heritage Tree Resolution and the value of trees for the community – talking about garage, library, housing etc. would not be relevant for this commission. It might also be helpful to add a request that the following be included in the Commission recommendation:

No trees be taken out until all final plans are approved, financing is complete, and the project is “shovel ready.”

NOTE: If the hearing is delayed to February, as currently requested by the Economic Development department we may suggest additional letters – Watch this space!

Thank you!

Pauline Seales – Santa Cruz Climate Action Network – primary permit appellant.

Note – more background here