This page will be mainly for connections between the Climate Crisis and the Corona Virus Flu Pandemic.

Guardian piece by George Monbiot March 25

Good local site for updates – Santa Cruz Local –

Links for people with needs at this critical time..

Contact congress in support of Elizabeth Warren’s eight conditions for financial aid:

  • Companies must maintain payrolls and use federal funds to keep people working.
  • Businesses must provide $15 an hour minimum wage quickly but no later than a year from the end
  • Companies would be permanently banned from engaging in stock buybacks.
  • Companies would be barred from paying out dividends or executive bonuses while they receive federal funds and the ban would be in place for three years.
  • Businesses would have to provide at least one seat to workers on their board of directors, though it could be more depending on size of the rescue package.
  • Collective bargaining agreements must remain in place.
  • Corporate boards must get shareholder approval for all political spending.
  • CEOs must certify their companies are complying with the rules and face criminal penalties for violating them.

Let’s not waste the lessons of the current crisis – great Sentinel op-ed by Tim Goncharoff. County Waste manager, outlines how we need to make permanent changes including less driving and flying.

Corona virus dashboard – world wide data summary

6 min video by Naomi Klein

Striking on Line 45 sec video

Scripps Keeling Curve – this data from Mona Loa Hawaii may already be showing a relative reduction in CO2. In the 2 year view you can see that the previous year had a steady increase from October to the following May, rising steeply in March – this trend has happened every year since recording started in 1960. But now we may be seeing a “flattening” in March. Check the data yourself.

5 Ways Corona Virus Could Help Humanity. Good article about better ways to move forward.

Animated 8min video explaining the science of the virus the disease and flattening the curve.