Climate Action Plan 2030 / Plan de Acción Climática 2030

The City is conducting an inclusive process to develop a Community-wide Climate Action Plan for 2030 (CAP 2030). The CAP 2030 development team used community feedback  gathered over the past year to establish a vision, values and goals, measures and climate actions to achieve rapid, equitable decarbonization. We are in the home stretch!

La ciudad está llevando a cabo un proceso inclusivo para desarrollar un Plan de Acción Climática de ámbito comunitario para 2030 (CAP 2030). El equipo de desarrollo del PAC 2030 utilizó los comentarios de la comunidad recogidos durante el año pasado para establecer una visión, valores y objetivos, medidas y acciones climáticas para lograr una descarbonización rápida y equitativa. ¡Estamos en la recta final!

The PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT OF THE CAP 2030 will be available for review in June, 2022! Check back here for access!

El PROYECTO DE REVISIÓN PÚBLICA DE LA PAC 2030 estará disponible para su revisión en junio de 2022. Vuelva a consultar aquí para acceder a él.

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Earlier Work

Consider.It Platform for community review of the draft climate actions .

For simpler text provided by Nancy Glock- Gruenich go here. But use it as reference as it cannot be submitted directly.

Just launched – Spanish version of the draft Climate actions survey.

This is REALLY IMPORTANT. We need to get plenty of inputs from people in favor of strong Climate Action.

Warning – the survey is quite long. It can be done in phases and will save your previous inputs. If you don’t have much time just choose your favorite from the 4 topics. Go back later if you have time but either way your inputs will be valid.

To listen to a sept 9 KSQD interview of Tiffany Wise-West click this link

Additional ideas on What to do about Climate Change