Progress starting on the city’s climate action plan and resident participant is requested.

This info came from TiffanyWise-West

 We are writing to announce that the second community engagement opportunity for this planning process is underway. We  invite you to shape our community’s vision for a sustainable and equitable Santa Cruz in 2030 in 3 flexible ways:

·         Visit the online Virtual Community Visioning Collage to contribute images, videos, words that describe your vision for a sustainable and equitable Santa Cruz in 2030

·         Find + visit live Pop Up Community Visioning Collage Sessions to contribute images, words, and ideas. 

·         Review the Community Visioning comment card to share your family’s, friends’ or organization’s priorities for a sustainable and equitable climate future. Return responses via email to by July 26, 2021. 

Feedback collected will be used to create Community Vision + Collage Posters to be presented in half-hour workshop sessions the first week of August and will inform the next steps in the Climate Action Plan 2030 Resilient Together process. The next step in the planning process will be to identify climate action plan goals, beginning in late August 2021. You will be notified of these upcoming engagements.