Outline and Judging

Flyer for downtown library hanging October 2021

Questions ? please contact kristafmyers@gmail.com or paulineseales120@gmail.com

Results : – We had 38 excellent entries. From these a varied team of 4 judges selected the winners.

Winners were displayed at the Earth day Celebration April 24th.

Please note: scholarships and prizes were made possible by a generous donation from a supporter.

Display of 14 excellent entries at the Erath Day Event 4/24

We’re showing all of the entries below in a random sets.

Youth Scholarship Winners – Awarded $1000 each

Student/ description/ photophoto

Brianna Melgoza-Ortiz

School composting program and plastics reduction

no. 29 set 3

Jennifer Hernandez

Tree planting program in Watsonville

no 34 set 4

Mayeli Vega

Watsonville wetlands replanting program in the slough

no 29 set 3

General Contest Winners – $100 each

Lynda MarinPublic Climate Outreach on Pacific Ave6 set1
Rick NoltheniusClimate Education/Cabrillo College13 set2
Melissa SmithFront yard conversion to Vegetable garden10 set1
Lisa ScwartzCSU Fossil Fuel Divestment21 set3
Esme BrodyVegan food and other climate action15 set2
Marc FranklinRedwood saplings from seed28 set3

Youth Runners up – Award $100

Alma Leonor-Sanchezcomposting and communicating with family14 set2
Tamarah MinamiRiver St Sign hanging – Public outreach27 set3
Andrea Magdelenorecycling cans18 set2

Special Mention – Young participant