1. TAKE ACTION – Tips for ordinary People

Join a local group

SCCAN – paulineseales120@gmail.com,      CCL – Lynda Marin – lmarin@cruzio.com

Talk to City Council / Supervisors  ,  Contact state & national reps

Demand EMERGENCY ACTION NOW – see page

Join SunRise and Support GREEN NEW DEAL

Join Youth for Climate Justice 


Reduce FOOD WASTE and packaging waste.

Be observant and reduce/report wastage of food, energy, materials or, excess plastic use 


Whenever possible use a bus, bike, e-bike or carpool or TELECOMMUTE

Used 3 year old electric cars are a great deal – low price, low maintenance, very low emissions

REDUCE FLYING – use Zoom or similar for 2/3 meetings whether business or family.

Take vacations by bus/train or closer to home


Sign up for MONTEREY BAY COMMUNITY POWER – clean locally run – expanded and renamed 3CE – Central Coast Community Energy!

Adjust thermostat to 68F winter, (A/C 75F summer) Close doors/windows if using energy

Use LED lights – Switch OFF things not used

Install Efficient Electric appliances (not Gas) – new gas hook-ups now banned in Santa Cruz

5. Adjust your DIET

eat LOCAL, mostly organics,  eat MORE fruit and veg

LESS MEAT (espec. Beef and pork)  details and links here

6. Recycle

REUSE when possible. Buy LESS new stuff

Look for RECYCLABLE packaging, COMPOST organics at home

7. VOTE for those who will make CHANGES!

8. Learn & Talk – there’s HOPE

        Check DRAWDOWN drawdown.org   and our several drawdown pages

Learn and share worldwide solutions

TALK and LISTEN and share feelings – talk to parents, friends, neighbors etc.

9. Support Climate Smart Ag and other ways to take CO2 out of the air

updated 9/28/20