We all know about the serious pollution of our oceans by plastic pollution which breaks into smaller and smaller pieces without ever going away. In fact toxins build up in the plastic until it gets ingested by birds and sea creatures.

Annie Leonard and Greenpeace are leading the fight in two ways

  1. Address the source – for most of us that is the grocery store. Here’s the link to the Greenpeace page to read more.

Basically on your smart phone you can connect to the survey and enter info for the specific store

text “Plastic” to 877877

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still participate! Take a look at the Greenpeace page  before you go to the store and write down or print out the questions. Bring a camera with you, and when you get home, fill out the survey on your computer and upload your photos.

2.  City and County Legislation

Berkeley already has a strong Ordinance adopted very recently. It’s quite long and includes 25c charge for throwaway cups and dishes. Berkeley  Our city person Leslie O’Malley is very motivated to work on this kind of thing and we’ll be talking to her more.

Santa Cruz co. already passed a more limited action called  “Plastic Pollution Mitigation”  We’ll be contacting the county to find the staff author and communicate with them.  CO.02-19