BRAND NEW LESSONS FOR 5-7 GRADES – updated 3/6/20

All are interactive NGSS students based lessons with engaging activities and a 5E format

  1. Carbon Cafe – 4 files for lesson – In this lesson student use weighted food cubes to learn about the effects of different diets and foods on our Climate Crisis and how to make positive changes. Contact me if you want to make your own food cubes. Using resources from Carbon Cafe Activity – Cal Academy of Science presented at CSTA San Jose Nov 2019 and website

File below has instructions on making your own cube set – materials cost ~$50. If you’d like to use my box cover templates just email

Short Video about the food cubes made for Earth Day Live 2020 during the COVID shutdown

Changing Atmosphere – 4 files – In this lesson students use a data from the Keeling Mauna Loa Lab to graph and analyze 18 years worth of CO2 data. They then learn more about CO2 distribution and the overall carbon cycle. After the graph analysis, two videos and the questions they will realize what an important role photosynthesis plays.

Coral – 2 files Includes a student experiment about the temperature needed to bleach “coral” and short videos on coral and ocean acidification

Visioning the Future – this lesson is suitable for almost any class including Social Studies, English Language and Art

EN-ROADS This is wonderful new software simulating over 18 ways to solve the climate crisis. Here is a preliminary lesson for 8-12 grade students.