Morning shadows stretch across a city under siege, as high-rise sentinels usher in a brave new Santa Cruz. New south-of-Laurel buildings on left dwarf even the now-in-construction Laurel-Front-Pacific project, not to mention the in-the-plans Cruz Hotel, Riverfront Complex, 530 Front Street, Library, and housing on Calvary Church property. Lot 7, highlighted in lower right behind Pizza My Heart and Del Mar Theater, hangs in the balance as well. Note the yellow “Tree Disposal” temporary structure…

See Russell’s show at the RCNV 612 Ocean St. Fri Mar 31, 5-7 and Sat Apr 1, 2-5



2/28/23 New Notice Posted by City

Lists all the permits to be approved and states a definite date March 14.

Detailed view below includes ” appeal of a Heritage Tree Removal Permit”

2/16/23 Recent KSQD Interview. Mathilde Rand talking with Gillian Greensite and John Hall

Our Feb 23 gathering went very well considering the awful weather

– great music by Coral, Paul and Erica. More people joined after this photo was taken – Thanks everyone especially the musicians including Nita

Just a few of the Many Tree Photos sent to Council so far

  • Take a photo of yourself with a sign and send it to council
  • Letter to the Editor (LTE)
  • Letters to city council
  • Join our public meeting Mar 4, 11am – see below
  • Attend City Council March 14? – TBD

1. Photos with Trees

A few examples

To help with the photos Susan and/or Pauline will be at lot 4, near the biggest tree with a large sign for people to use at these times.

Wed Feb 8, 3pm Sun Feb 12, noon
Wed Feb 15, 3pmSat Feb 18 , 11am
Wed Feb 22, 3pmWed Mar 1, 3pm, Wed Mar 8, 3pm

2. Submit letters to the editor  (LTEs)      (150 words maximum)

Please submit your letter to the editor to with:

  • First and last name,   Phone number,   Address   (not printed – needed by Sentinel)
  • Article headline you’re replying to or subject of your letter
  • Letter text, not to exceed 150 words.

To increase public interest in Saving Some Trees BEFORE ? March 14 council meeting we need to start now. And it would be good to space the letters during the weeks – just a suggestion – your own timing will be fine.

First name begins withSubmit letter by
A – GMon Feb 13
G – MFri Feb 24
N – RMon Mar 6
S – ZFri Mar 10

An individual letter expressing your feelings will be best.  Possible points could include:

  • The community LOVES the trees
  • The trees have many benefits, shade, carbon absorption, beauty, mental sanity
  • The city failed to follow its own heritage tree resolution by not making any attempt to include any of the trees in the design. 
  • Replacement saplings do not equal heritage trees.


5. Letters to city council

Please start sending these. If possible combine with a tree photo but send them anyway!

6. Attend our public meeting – Save some trees on Lot 4, Mar 4 11am

Demonstration in support of incorporating some of the large Heritage trees into the mixed-use project design for Lot 4. Music, speakers, open mic! Come express your feelings and support for the trees! Event at Lot 4, Cedar St.

7. Attend City Council ? Mar 14 – timing TBD


12/10/22 Lot 4 Appeal details here

Link to complete lookout article

Lookout Article 11/3/22

Updates 10/28/22

On 10/27/22 filed an official appeal with the Parks and Rec department

On Wed 10/26/22 we staged a skit at the Farmers Market

On Tue Oct 25 the city replaced the original tree cutting notice with this one which includes mention of Measure O.

Previously on Oct 18, 2022 the city posted this sign on the farmers’ market lot trees. It is a tentative removal permit for

  • 2 Chinese Pistache
  • 4 Magnolia sp
  • 2 Liquidambar
  • 1 Ginko

It gives a deadline for filing an official complaint as Oct 28th. We have obtained the form and copies of the city file and are working on an official appeal.

If you wish to help with our immediate protest please complete this short google form

In our opinion this is a gross violation of the city heritage tree ordinance.

In this case the timing is especially offensive as a YES vote on Measure O on Nov 8, would make tree removal unnecessary. More on Measure O

Benefits of Shade

Results of a study by UCSC students in downtown Santa Cruz shows shaded areas are 5-9 degrees cooler on a hot afternoon.

City file for Cutting Permit

Santa Cruz Heritage Tree Ordinance – link