Update 11/27/22

Appeal will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Commission on Dec 12 at 4pm.

The public will NOT be able to speak but CAN write to the Commission ahead of time – details here

Lookout Article 11/3/22

Link to complete lookout article

Updates 10/28/22

On 10/27/22 filed an official appeal with the Parks and Rec department

On Wed 10/26/22 we staged a skit at the Farmers Market

On Tue Oct 25 the city replaced the original tree cutting notice with this one which includes mention of Measure O.

Previously on Oct 18, 2022 the city posted this sign on the farmers’ market lot trees. It is a tentative removal permit for

  • 2 Chinese Pistache
  • 4 Magnolia sp
  • 2 Liquidambar
  • 1 Ginko

It gives a deadline for filing an official complaint as Oct 28th. We have obtained the form and copies of the city file and are working on an official appeal.

If you wish to help with our immediate protest please complete this short google form

In our opinion this is a gross violation of the city heritage tree ordinance.

In this case the timing is especially offensive as a YES vote on Measure O on Nov 8, would make tree removal unnecessary. More on Measure O

Benefits of Shade

Results of a study by UCSC students in downtown Santa Cruz shows shaded areas are 5-9 degrees cooler on a hot afternoon.

City file for Cutting Permit