A team of investigators analyzed 100 different solutions to Global warming and compiled data on all of them. The book is worth reading and the website is useful. Lots of specific Drawdown solutions are detailed below and on additional linked pages. Click for a more detailed overview of Drawdown

New Release December 2020 – Drawdown Primer – Farming Our Way out of the Climate Crisis

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Added 3/5/20 – New Drawdown Review it’s 100 pages so give it time!

Reduce Food waste Drawdown #3 page

Plant Rich Diet (aka Eat Less meat) Drawdown #4 page Eat Less Meat” 

Educating Girls and Family Planning – Drawdown solutions #6,#7  . See Population Page.

Multiple Drawdown Solutions involve farming methods that return carbon to the soil instead of removing it. In California this is officially known as “Climate Smart Farming” and there are several great programs. Colloquially this range of solutions is called “Regenerative Agriculture.” Note – Drawdown reserves this term for a specific subset of methods – not the whole gamut. For lots of info on this topic go to the Carbon Farming page. Better farming methods are drawdown solutions 9,11,14,16,17,19,23,24 and more.

Additional Carbon removal methods and restoration actions are here Greening the Earth

Drawdown podcasts available 1/8/19

Pachamama Drawdown Program , includes lots of participant interaction as well as inspiring video segments. People already familiar with Drawdown are welcome as their knowledge will enrich the evening for everyone, and newcomers are also extremely welcome. We need to get this message of hope and action to as many of the public as possible.

Drawdown Background


This 30 min youtube explanation of the program is great

More details  Website – Solutions summary 

Drawdown Facebook page

Newly added links to carbon footprint calculator – 12/19/19

Drawdown Challenge program  is a wide ranging program already involving many organizations, companies and individuals. Check it out and see if you can get your business, employer, church or other group to join.

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5/19/18 Great new documentary by Lois Robin of Santa Cruz    “The Dirt on Climate Change”