Good News Santa Cruz on KSQD Radio 90.7 FM

  • Every week on Thursdays at 3:30 PM

With The Good News Team, Christine Barrington, Randa Solick, Nancy Grock-Greunich, Debra Bone, Pauline Seales and Keisha Frost

Good News Santa Cruz is a show hosted by a collective of women inspired by the peace and social justice mission of WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom). There’s 104 years of history behind this show–years of women crossing many nations and facing all kinds of odds to make a world that works better for us all. And this work is still going on, as powerful as ever. Our show brings that story home, here and now, in Santa Cruz, and in real time. We air interviews with local people who are finding real ways out of the mess we’re in–with stories, ideas, successes and strategies connecting across issues to achieve systems change.

You can now use this link to review all of our shows to date . The most recent will come up first. Advance through the pages to find a particular show. Many are related to the Climate Crisis, Social Justice, Health Care and other issues important locally and globally. Just use the play button to listen to the show and click on any links to learn more background.