New Guides to the state Marine Protected Areas (CaMPAs)


Food Waste Reduction

Life of a Strawberry – great short video   3/7/19

Milk down the Drain – Good 5 min Video


Animated version 


Excellent websites:  Save the Food    EPA Food Waste Reduction Toolkit

“Climate Smart Ag” Farmer handout – info on County Climate Emergency resolution 2/4/19

How Global Diets relate to greenhouse gases Lancet article  1/31/19

Great food/farming website  1/4/19

Two excellent articles by Ellen Farmer   12/17/18  Revolutionary Rancher – Paicines Ranch      Genius and Justice – UCSC farm prog.

Volunteer Planting and Restoration Opportunities – LOCAL 12/10/18

12/5/18   December 4, 2018—Today the Organic Farming Research Foundation

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(OFRF) released the eighth guidebook in their immensely popular Soil Health and Organic Farming Series: Organic Practices for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Carbon Sequestration.

The guide includes practical advice for reducing an organic farm’s “carbon footprint” and adapting to climate disruptions already underway.

Food Waste Reduction  12/3/18

Trees There is a big battle with PG&Es excessive tree cutting. Julie Thayer sent this.  .   Mark Stone is helping fight PG&E. People can say NO to the cutters on their land and contact his office.   11/18/18

There are many important Earth healing topics so we now have 2 new pages to help organize the information

Compost, Carbon Farming and Food Waste

Local Ecological Restoration projects

Reshaping Ca Climate and Agriculture

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