3/7/19  Life of a Strawberry – great short video

Milk down the Drain – Good 5 min Video


Animated version 

Excellent websites  https://savethefood.com/ 


2/4/19  DRAFT of farmer handout with info about the County Climate Emergency resolution and “Climate Smart Ag”


1/31/19 Excellent new article about global diets, greenhouse gases etc. Worth Reading!

1/4/19 Great food/farming website  https://foodtank.com

12/17/18  Two excellent articles by Ellen Farmer

On the farm: Revolutionary Rancher – Paicines Ranch

On the farm: Genius and Justice – UCSC farm program

12/10/18  Volunteer planting and restoration opportunities are included in this great local website  https://environteers.org/

12/5/18   December 4, 2018—Today the Organic Farming Research Foundation

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 5.04.17 PM

(OFRF) released the eighth guidebook in their immensely popular Soil Health and Organic Farming Series: Organic Practices for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Carbon Sequestration.

The guide includes practical advice for reducing an organic farm’s “carbon footprint” and adapting to climate disruptions already underway.

12/3/18 Good site with food waste reduction information

12/3/18 Native plant restoration in San Lorenzo Valley.      www.facebook.com/slvrestorationprogram   www.slvhabitatrestoration.org

11/18/18 There is a big battle with PG&Es excessive tree cutting. Julie Thayer sent this. Trees .   Mark Stone is helping fight PG&E. People can say NO to the cutters on their land and contact his office.

There are many important Earth healing topics so we now have 2 new pages to help organize the information

Compost, Carbon Farming and Food Waste

Local Ecological Restoration projects

Great new article  https://civileats.com/2018/10/09/how-will-californias-climate-ambitions-reshape-food-and-agriculture/

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