We are working with a broad coalition of local groups to set up a variety of actions to alert citizens and public officials to the need for immediate emergency action. We’ll be adding details to this page, and on facebook and through email.

Next Santa Cruz Planning Meeting July 25th, 6:30pm, Tabby Cat Cafe,  Affinity group detailed plans and preparation, Aug 22nd, 6:30pm Live Oak Grange

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It’s important to share your reasons why #ClimateStrike matters to you and invite your community to join you.

Share a Selfie

Millions of people across the world are going to be striking for climate on September 20, all with different experiences of the climate crisis. Take a photo or record a quick video of yourself holding a sign/ explaining why you’re going to take part and organise with them.
Share it on your Instagram or Facebook story, or tweet it out. Be sure to use the hashtag #climatestrike. Your reasons for joining the global climate strike might resonate with someone unexpected and encourage them to join too. Read more here. 

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350 link for school actions

Link for public support

Global Climate Strike Promo pack