On September 21 we held a zoom meeting covering a variety of topics

Link to the recording

  1. Other Side of the Hill – excellent 30 minute video about how an impoverished republican rural community prospered after embracing wind and solar installations. You can book your own screening here
  2. Hard Core Compost – Zav Herschfield explained that the company is a worker owned cooperative with on the job training in multiple aspects of the business. They use mostly bike carts for pick up of subscriber home compost which is later returned as fertile soil. They are concerned that the city’s new program might put them out of business.

3. Madagascar Drought and Famine – Paul Schaafsma has established great communications with many young Africans and is especially concerned about the Climate Change caused drought. Africans use almost zero fossil fuels and have NOT contributed to Climate Change but are suffering immensely.

4. Line 3 and related Bank Protests – Michelle Merrill explained that Line 3 is an OIL pipeline planned through indigenous land in Minnesota. It will carry toxic tar sands from Canada. The local people fear leaks into the Mississippi headwaters. Big Banks are funding this pipeline.

Here’s photo of our August action on Pacific Ave.

BIG NEW ACTION with several other groups Fri Sep 24 – Global Climate Strike Day