Climate Solutions Quilt

Boys and Girls Club Quilt
After a short lesson on Climate Change students researched Solutions. They prepared a sketch, discussed it with the teachers and then put their art on cloth squares using fabric crayons. The 33 results were combined into a quilt.
Topics covered
Wind power                          5
Solar      domestic                 2
school                     1
vet hospital           2
Solar/Electric transport
bus                            2                          ecar                           2
ebike                        1                           emotorcycle            1
taxi                           1                           unicyle                     1
Other Energy
wave power       2                                tidal power             1
in-stream hydro 1                               cow methane          1
Other Solutions
reduce food waste            2                                 eat less meat           1
recycle/reuse                      1                                compost                   1
carbon removal                 1

Cheaper alternative power by law            1

City LED solar lights                                      1

Earth problem depiction                              2

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