SCCAN Mission Statement        4/15/17


Santa Cruz Climate Action Network (SCCAN) seeks to address the current Climate Change Emergency, recognizing that failure to act quickly will have devastating effects on future generations of humans and other life forms.

With that in mind our actions include

public education and outreach, including monthly public meetings

coordinating with other interested groups

maintaining email lists and sending frequent event updates

teaching Climate Change in public schools

appearing on local radio and community TV programs

supporting clean alternatives to single occupancy auto transport

supporting divestment from Fossil Fuel financing and support

supporting the banning of fracking and other polluting fossil fuel extraction

promoting Transport Demand Management (TDM) as a prerequisite to funding new                   fossil fuel infrastructure

membership in the City of Santa Cruz “Climate Action Task Force”

posting events on the Community Calendar     

We attend many educational/information events and often table. We attend Council, RTC and planning meetings and listen to all sides of each problem. We sometimes write letters of support on related issues.

We join and occasionally organize marches or rallies or workshops focusing on climate and related social justice needs.

We have been maintaining two websites which were updated regularly – Currently starting to move to WordPress platform

Main site      – local and national news and info

Speaker site – includes teacher resources, lessons,                                                                                                        powerpoints, videos etc.

Additional actions may arise following the principles of

“Keep it in the Ground” “Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions to zero ASAP”

We include 350 Santa Cruz and have strong affiliations with

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL)               Santa Cruz Indivisible Climate Solutions Group (SCI)

WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom)                Bus-by-Choice

Campaign for Sensible transportation                      System Change not Climate Change

UCSC Sustainability                           Cabrillo Sustainability                     Sanctuary

Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange                           Sierra Club                             Ecology Action

and others

We are all volunteers and operate in a flexible democratic manner with the only title role that of treasurer. We try to make decisions by consensus, resorting to “super majority” when needed. We have no regular income and are mostly funded as needed from member’s pockets with occasional unsolicited larger donations, and regular modest donations at meetings to cover costs.

Link to CONTACT page


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