Extinction rebellion XR started in Britain and there is now a local group. Website  xrsc.earth  , facebook

Pictures from the excellent Disco-bedience action against Chase Bank – Feb 28th, 2020

Short and Great Film from the XR movement in London

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Is it Time to Panic or How f***ed Are We? Thursday May 23rd – Live Oak Grange 

Joint event by Extinction Rebellion SC and Santa Cruz Climate Action Network Great evening – about 56 people present.

Time To Panic?  A sober and fact-based presentation and community dialogue on the most recent IPCC report with other recent science from the Arctic and elsewhere. Includes discussion of local solutions and potential future actions.

After weeks of protests by the Extinction Rebellion the UK parliament is starting to act.   5/5/19

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) is dedicated to non-violent action to achieve meaningful responses to the Climate Crisis. You can read their demands here. We are planning to work with a local XR group to get action by city and county government. 4/29/19. Events will be listed in events email.

Link to “Where next for Extinction Rebellion”  explaining that the british group  is starting to work with Parliament now.  4/27/19

Link to huge Extinction Rebellion (XR)events in London and across the globe 4/18/19